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Once we’re up and starting our day, being able to safely shower, use the toilet, and brush your teeth are pretty important self-care items. Everyone has different bathroom configurations, but here are some basic equipment suggestions that can help. If you want a detailed eval specific to your home, call the store for a home evaluation appointment.


Grab bars are the new safety belts. We used to not talk about them a lot of think we needed them, now everyone understands how critical they are to bathroom safety. And they can be beautiful with so many styles and finishes available. On fiberglass grab bars generally can not be installed, so that is where the suction cup grab bars come into place, just make sure you’re getting a good brand that works, like the kind we carry at Harmony!

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With many styles, lengths, and various features you might be able to use one of these to eliminate the risk of fall over a tub ledge or shower lip. One of my favorites is the sliding, swiveling, tub-clamping transfer bench. This one is great because it does not take up any room in front of the tub.

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The Shower or tub Buddy is another great product that can be used if someone cannot walk into the bathroom and must be rolled. The chairs can be transferred into bedside where it is safer and easier to perform a transfer, then they can be rolled into the bathroom with the person in them. It rolls over the toilet for use, then snaps into a track to slide across into tub or shower. It’s a replacement for the roll-in shower when that is not an option or too expensive.

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