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Power Wheelchairs in San Diego

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Power wheelchairs come in a wide variety to accommodate every degree of mobility. There are different accessibility features and multiple sizes, styles, and weight classes available.

This page will go over everything you will need to know about power wheelchairs to help you determine the right kind for you or your loved one.

Visit our San Diego store to test out the many electric wheelchair models and colors! If the color or material you like is out of stock, we order one for you so that it arrives at your house as soon as possible.

Freedom to Get Around: How to Use a Power Wheelchair

A Power Wheelchair for Every Purpose

Here at Harmony Home Medical, we have a large selection of power wheelchairs. Come down to our showroom in San Diego to try all of our affordable electric wheelchairs or browse and order from our online store.

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Harmony Home Medical is here to help with all of your wheelchair needs. Contact us today!

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Most Popular Power Wheelchairs

We know it is a big deal to get the right power wheelchair, so let our sales staff help you go through all the options and features.

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Types of Power Wheelchairs in San Diego

Driving Systems for Power Wheelchairs

Front-wheel drive

Electric wheelchairs with front-wheel drive can easily maneuver past minor obstructions. They are easier to move about the house or in confined spaces since they have a good turning radius. Power wheelchairs with front-wheel drives may be utilized both inside and outside.

RWD (rear-wheel drive)

Power wheelchairs with rear-wheel drives are a great solution for those who enjoy being outside since they can easily negotiate rough terrain. More movement is possible, even at high speeds, thanks to the propulsion system being located in the back. They could be challenging to move within since they have bigger

Adjusted and Fitted

For the health and comfort of a power wheelchair user, proper seating and positioning are important. Since users will spend a lot of time sitting on their power wheelchair, it can include customized backrests and seat cushions, you can raise the legs, and you can alter the backrest's level of recline while tilting the chair in space, w.