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Getting in and out of bed can be a challenge, but there are options to make your life easier. Have a brief look at some products that make spark your interest.


Electric hospital beds go from an upright seated position to a flat laying potion with a simple press of a button, Some can even change their height making the bed lower to get in and out and then move up once in the bed. These beds are also good for positioning and blood flow, you can raise your feet or your head easily giving added comfort while you sleep. These are great beds even if you just want an easy way to support your head while you read.

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These grab bars can be placed anywhere in your home and they are tension mounted from the floor to the ceiling so no bolts or screws are necessary. They are extremely handy can be put next to the bed or sofa or in bathroom or anywhere you need some extra support. These grab bars can hold up to 300 lbs and will help prevent a slip or a fall that could cost thousands and be very painful.

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For some people, wheelchair-bound these lifts are a necessity. There are a few different types and options for you to explore. There are manual lifts, semi-electric and full electric overhead lifts. Depending on your situation you may need one of these and our staff will be happy to send you information on each of these or come to your home and give a free in-home evaluation to get the product that best fits your needs.

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