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Wheelchair Ramps San Diego

Harmony Home Medical has a great selection of affordable wheelchair ramps, along with great service and knowledgable experienced staffs. We are located in San Diego, but we can ship anywhere in the USA.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps:

  • Transition Wheelchair Ramps
  • Single Fold Wheelchair Ramps
  • Triple Folding Wheelchair Ramps
  • Modular Ramps
We can fulfill your need in getting the best mobile wheelchair ramp that suits your personal requirements. Selecting the correct ramp length is crucial and usually people mistakenly opt for a ramp that is too short. Contact our knowledgable staff for help in choosing the right wheelchair ramp for you. We have various options of the best portable wheelchair ramps in store so come on down to San Diego to see us.

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We are here to help you with anything you need, please browse through our products and information here or on our F.A.Q page.

For more information, contact us or call us at (858) 560 8177.

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Call us at (858) 560-8177 or come in at 7640 Clairemont Mesa Blvd | San Diego, CA 92111

Wheelchair Ramps

Single-Fold Suitcase Ramp

Transition Angled Entry Mat

Transition Entry Ramps

Trifold Suitcase Ramp

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Transition Ramp

Transition ramps are small ramps that you put in doorways or other small rises or drops. We have standard size rubber transition ramps that are in a few standard sizes of doorways and then we have metal ones that adjust to the size of the transition. Anything greater than 4 inches may need a different style of a ramp.

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Single Folding Wheelchair Ramp

These ramps are made from aluminum, they are lightweight but are engineered to handle heavyweights such as power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They easily fold up and have a nice suitcase style handle making them easy to transport, they are great for small heights into minivans or cars.

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Triple Folding Wheelchair Ramp

Triple folding ramps are made from aluminum and are lightweight but very durable. The triple folding ramp is usually a little longer than single folding ramps and packs up a little smaller in length making them better if you are getting into a larger vehicle or larger set of stairs.

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Portable Ramps are Problem Solvers

Coming to staircases or large step is a very difficult part of being in a wheelchair or mobility scooter and portable ramps help solve those problems. If you are going to a location or facility that you do not frequent and need to get up a small set of stairs, you can use a foldable ramp to access the area.

Load your power chair into your car or truck

These ramps are great for getting your chair into a vehicle. Remove yourself from the chair and then motor the power chair into the vehicle and fold the ramp and go. It is a very smooth process – the ramps have a non-slip surface, making your chair have great traction on the incline.

Many options to choose from

We have many types and sizes of ramps so come down in San Diego and see if one works for you.

Ramps that last for years

Once you purchase a wheelchair ramp from Harmony Home Medical the experience does not stop there.

These ramps are welded solid, and rust proof.

The design of the ramps has very few moving parts and very solid manufacturing makes them naturally a very durable medical product. The top surface can get worn but it can be replaced. Just come down to our store and we can fix any problem you may have with one of our ramps. We promise you it will be a very long time before you need any repair for one of our wheelchair ramps.

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony Home Medical does. We’re here to help and here to stay!

Too Big for a Portable? Try a Modular Ramp

If you need a larger, more permanent ramp we can install a modular ramp at your home or office.

Modular ramps can be made of aluminum like the picture above or they can be made of all wood to match your home. Harmony Home Medical is San Diego’s premier accessible home remodeler.

We install ramps, redo kitchens and bathrooms, widened doorways, install elevators, install ceiling lifts. Any mobility challenge you are faced with by the design of your home Harmony Home Medical can help. Check out our home remodeling section here.

Getting Into an SUV, Easy!

The tri-fold wheelchair ramp is perfect for getting into larger vehicles like an SUV or van. We use this model for transporting all of our own wheelchairs throughout the San Diego area.

It is very lightweight for how long it is and who much weight it can hold. With the suitcase style handle, it is easy to walk around with!

Different Size Steps, No Problem

Door jam heights are sometimes different sizes, that is why transition ramps come in adjustable sizes.

You can use a transition ramp for elevation changes up to 6 inches in height. Most of the times these are semi-permanent, meaning you don’t take them away with each use. Sometimes we will put a few light screws in them to keep them in place but they can easily be removed.

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