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Lift Chairs San Diego

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Harmony Home Medical has a large selection of Plush, Comfortable, and Stylish Lift Chairs for sale, along with personalized customer service and competitive prices.

Try our various lift chair models and colors in our showroom in San Diego! If the color or material you want is not in stock, we are able to rush order so you can have a lift chair delivered to your home in the shortest amount of time possible.

How to Choose the Right Lift Chair in San Diego

A Lift Chair for Every Purpose

Here at Harmony Home Medical, we have a large selection of power lift chairs. Come down to our showroom in San Diego to try all of our affordable motored lift chairs or browse and order from our online store. We can ship anywhere within the USA.

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Harmony Home Medical is here to help with all of your lift chair needs. Contact us today!

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Most Popular Lift Chairs

There are hundreds of models and brands to choose from when it comes to shopping for your lift chair. Golden Technologies has excellent products that provide a perfect combination of relaxation and security.

Golden Technologies lift chairs are assembled in the United States and provide excellent customer service.

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Types of Power Lift Chairs in San Diego

Benefits of Buying a Power Lift Chair in San Diego


For family members, other caretakers, and others who run the danger of getting hurt helping those who need assistance rising from or returning to a sitting position, lift chairs can offer convenience and safety.


Moving around is one of the simplest methods to avoid pressure sores. However, if you have movement problems, that may be a difficult task. With a lift chair, you can switch positions during the day or use the lift position to stand up from the seat and start moving about, which will help your blood circulate more freely.

Decrease Edema

Long periods of sitting or remaining in one posture might cause mild episodes of edema. This frequently causes the legs to enlarge, making it challenging to move around. You can adjust the position of your legs in a lift chair, bring them up to your heart level, and assist in lifting yourself to a standing posture so you can walk or move around.