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What are the different ways to transport mobility scooters? This is one of the many questions that people consider when buying one. Here are some answers that will help make things easier for you.

Mobility Scooters are perfect solutions for individuals who need extra help in moving around. They are great for navigating inside the house, if you have a huge space, and are even more valuable for going to the parks, amusement centers, and for shopping.

They are becoming more popular nowadays too, that sometimes they are also used as recreational scooters. There are also individuals who can move on their own but still opt for mobility scooters when in the park or while shopping. It is beneficial for them not to be too tired, to be able to enjoy more, and visit more areas in recreational places.

Obviously, mobility scooters should be able to go to any place where you want to use them. So, how do you transport mobility scooters? The transport requirement will depend on the type of scooter that you have or you intend to buy. So the first thing to do is to decide on which one will suit your needs.

Types of Mobility Scooters

Lightweight Scooters

These models are usually compact in size and are easy to control. They are ideal for pavements and their speed is just moderate. Due to their compact size, they have a shorter battery life and are more ideal for short distances only. They are wonderful for those strolls in the park or in the malls.

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Medium-Sized Scooters

These models are heavier than the lightweight models, but not that heavy or strong to be considered heavy-duty. The bigger size adds more comfort and provides more space for your things as well (e.g. purse, umbrella, grocery bag). The batteries are also larger, which means you can cover more distance. Though some of these models can be dismantled, some of them cannot be broken into pieces.

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Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

As the name implies, these models are made of strong materials that can carry up to 550 lb. capacity. This means that these can carry any individual. They have bigger batteries making them more ideal for long distances. Being strong and sturdy, they can tackle any type of terrain and can be a great companion for your adventures.

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Ways to Transport Scooters

Lightweight models are easy to transport since these models can be dismantled and can easily be stored at the back of the car. But if you think that you need a medium-sized scooter or even a heavy-duty one, then check out the following tools and aids that will help you to transport your mobility scooter with ease.

Mobile Wheelchair/Scooter Ramps

Ramps will help you easily move your scooter into your car. These are usually portable, easy to install and remove, as well as easy to store. But there are also some factors that you’ll have to consider in choosing the right ramp.

First, consider the weight and width of your mobility scooter. The ramp should be wide enough for your it to pass through, but should not be too wide for your car. Yes, the size of your car should also be considered since you will also be transporting the mobile ramp with you.

Another important factor to think about is the length of the ramp. It should be long enough to have the right inclination when placed on your car. You don’t want to end with a ramp that will be too steep to use.

At the end of the day, it’s always best to talk to experienced and knowledgeable providers when choosing the best ramp for your mobility scooter. They can give you a better analysis of what you will need. If you want to talk to one now, you may click here for the contact details.

Mobility Scooter Lifts

If you have a heavier mobility scooter, then a lift is a more suitable choice. Lifts are basically more expensive than the ramps. But they eliminate the need to push heavy scooters up a ramp and into a car.

Mobility Scooter Lifts are usually attached to the rear of the car, thus providing more trunk space. Hence, these are also the solution if you have a smaller car such as a hatchback, as it won’t occupy car space. There are different varieties to choose from and, like when choosing a ramp, consider your specific needs when choosing one.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis or Vans

If you’re not yet decided on whether to go for ramps or lifts, fret not. There are wheelchair accessible taxis or vans that can help you with your transport needs. These vehicles are designed for easy and comfortable transport of wheelchairs and scooters. And their operators or drivers would surely be glad to provide the service that you need.

When purchasing a mobility scooter, make sure you do your own research and discuss all your options with your physician.

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