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Erica’s Feature on AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing Podcast! - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Erica’s Feature on AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing Podcast!

Erica Sell was recently featured in on the “This Week in Marketing” podcast from the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association. The topic was marketing to baby boomers.

In the first segment, Erica discussed Harmony Home Medical and gave a brief history lesson on the medical supply industry.

In segment two, we examined the values of the Baby Boom generation and analyzed the specific ways that market research is unique for this market. Erica provided some excellent advice for marketers looking to break into this very large and intelligent demographic. We also discussed how Baby Boomers place a lot of value in knowing the people behind the product, and how in-person marketing can be extremely effective. Finally, Erica provided the listeners with some great insight on making the most of networking events and other expos.

The third segment covered various other marketing channels outside of in-person efforts. Video marketing is one of the most valuable channels, especially with Baby Boomers. Instructional videos and product demonstrations provide value and Baby Boomers respond very well to them. Even with a tight budget, these videos can still be effective! Check out this video from Home Harmony’s YouTube Channel featuring one of our many wheelchairs for sale!

Listen to the Podcast here

For further reading, This Week in Marketing produced a podcast that focuses on video marketing strategies that was also mentioned.

Finally, we examined how some companies do not have a lot of “visually appealing products”, but they can still show their value. We use VitaMedica, a healthy supplement company, as an example of this issue.

Another example of how a company can prove their product’s value through video is the Philips Lifeline. The video below demonstrates how the product works, but it also showcases the Lifeline support system and reviews the various features:

Erica provided some excellent insight that anyone who is looking to produce videos for the Baby Boom generation can learn from!

The fourth segment focused on other marketing channels such as email and online presence. Turnaround time is an extremely important factor here, especially with websites that generate leads. Your response teams must be ready at all times to respond to inquiries and include a personal touch. Remember that creating a personal experience is very important to this generation.

For more reading on marketing and research the Baby Boom generation, please check out the resources below:

About The Hosts:

Sam Wheeler is a Chicago transplant who works at the digital marketing firm Inseev Interactive. He loves to surf and support companies with their marketing efforts. His current projects include supporting FACT Goods’ Faith Hats campaign and a fun informational project called the “Bug Out Bag Checklist” from Uncharted Supply Co. He also is working for a local San Diego company called Source Capital Funding!

Kevin works for E2M Solutions Inc. where he is the Chief Content Strategist and a Senior Copywriter. In addition to content, Kevin also hosts E2M’s company podcast titled: The Marketing MicroscopeOutside of workKevin is passionate about travel and leisure writing. Recently, he used his marketing knowledge to pen this article about SEO tips for travel bloggers!

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