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May 5th 2021

7 Products for Aging in Place Gracefully

MAs people grow older, the tasks that seemed easy at first become more and more difficult and dangerous.

For an independent senior, staying at home may not be a safe place to be. The good news is that there are products that help you age in place gracefully while allowing you safely and comfortably live in your home. Today’s innovations in technology can be pretty overwhelming for some. But these innovations are designed to build additional comfort for every generation, including older homeowners. .

Here are the 7 products to help you age in place gracefully.

1. Stairlifts

Even though you want to stay living in your own house as you age, sometimes it might feel as if you don’t have the option to do so. This is due to due to the fact that most aging individuals feel forced to leave their own homes when their mobility starts to become limited. Especially to those who live in a home with stairs. A stairlift is one of the most functional and efficient ways for you to be able to access your multi-level home with ease and comfort. Stairlifts can also be adapted to fit both your home’s straight or curved railings as well as homes with tight turns or narrow staircases. The opportunity to adjust your house accordingly to fit your aging needs with style and grace can be best achieved with the installation of stairlifts.

2. Grab Bars

One of the main reason people install grab bars is for additional safety and support at home. For elderly people, accidents such as slipping or falling are quite common. The most common area in the house to install grab bars is in the bathroom, specifically in the shower. Installing a grab bar is essential not only for elders but also for younger children. Having hand bars installed in your bathroom or shower not only provides additional safety, but it can also offer greater peace of mind to reduce the chances of an accident such as fall or slip. 

3. Transfer Benches

Bath transfer benches are extremely helpful for seniors. It is intended to provide older people with a good place to sit while they are in the bath or shower. Bath benches make it safer for aging persons to get into and out of the tub by enabling them to slide in and out of the water. Transfer benches are also extremely helpful to those who use canes, walkers or wheelchairs to get around.

4. Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps enable elderly people to enjoy complete freedom as it allows them to move in and around the house freely and safely. Imagine a life where you can enter and leave your home comfortably without the danger of injuries or accidents especially if you’re going on trips to and from medical facilities, grocery stores, and other places. Elderly people who live alone or with their caregivers or family members will find wheelchair ramps a real gem.

5. Shower Chairs

For elderly persons, taking a shower is no small task. While bathing is supposed to be relaxing, it could sometimes feel downright terrifying because of the possibility of falling, getting bumps, bruises or slipping. Seniors and persons with disabilities alike may face potential danger when doing visiting the bathroom. Slippery surfaces, wet floors and difficult to climb tubs all present risks for them. One of the benefits of shower chairs is to improve safety. Aside from the fact that it makes the bathing process easier and safer, shower chairs also help seniors improve their hygiene and have more independence while bathing.

6. Mobility Scooters

Everyone knows how devastating it can be when you’re just stuck at your home unable to move. However, elders shouldn’t let limited mobility get in their way to enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life. This is where mobility scooters come in place. One of the many benefits of mobility scooters is that it can be taken on public transport, providing comfort to access any sorts of places. Mobility scooters also help reduce the risk of fall-related injuries for elderly people. It can also provide a major benefit to those who are recovering from surgery which allows much more comfortable healing process. 

7. Mobility Walkers

Mobility walkers have been around for quite a few decades now and it seems like they not going anywhere. Mobility walkers have done wonders for those who want to maintain their independent lifestyle but needs a little help getting around. Mobility walkers are great for seniors who often live alone at home. It has also been proven to help those who have certain conditions such as arthritis, back, and hip problems as well as those who have severe breathing conditions.

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