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7 Products to Help You Age in Place Gracefully - Harmony Home Medical Supply

7 Products to Help You Age in Place Gracefully

Originally posted November, 2021 but updated just for you! 

If you have a medical condition that makes it hard to move around, trust that you're not alone.

As we age, joint pain and mobility issues become more common. A sense of helplessness often accompanies the resulting frustration in the face of this problem. However, there are ways to address these issues — and they don't involve moving into a nursing home.

Keep reading to learn about seven types of home medical equipment that will help you age gracefully in the comfort of your home.

Gain Access to the Second Floor with a Stair Lift

First on the product list is a stair lift

A stair lift is a mechanized chair that moves up and down a staircase. This equipment benefits folks with mobility restrictions by making their home fully accessible and helping them get around efficiently. That said, stair lifts aren't only for people with limited mobility — they are helpful for anyone who needs to use the stairs regularly, whether to get from one floor of your home to another or just up and down at different times of the day.

Man in stairlift - Home medical equipment

Stair lifts are safe and reliable, making them an excellent option for people of all ages and abilities. They come in various styles, so you can find the right one to suit your staircase and lifestyle needs. If you have limited mobility but want access to all areas of your home without relying on someone else for help, a stair lift will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter where you go or what time it is, there will always be an easy way up and down those stairs when needed.

Use a Mobility Scooter for Safe and Reliable Travel 

A mobility scooter is a vehicle that helps people move around on land. It enables you to travel faster and farther than you could on foot, making it an excellent option for folks who need more mobility than they can get from walking. 

These vehicles are compact, so they fit through doorways easily. They're also great for use indoors or outdoors with minimal effort required to operate them — so you can drive one even if you have limited dexterity in your hands or arms.

Couple using mobility scooters outdoors

When shopping for a mobility scooter, look for ones like the Maxima Scooter, which has built-in safety features such as headlight illumination, a horn, brake alerts, and anti-tip wheels for stability. These features ensure that you will have complete control when you travel.

An Electric Wheelchair Gives You Complete Navigation Control

An electric wheelchair can help those who would otherwise need assistance moving around their home. These motorized chairs have an electric-powered motor to push them forward, so they’re great for anyone recovering from an injury who needs a little help getting around. They’re also great for people who have difficulty walking or who might not be able to walk long distances.

The main advantage of using an electric wheelchair over a manual one is that it provides full body support and has a long battery life, so you can travel wherever you want without worrying about charging it along the way. 

electric Carbon Fiber Wheelchair by Harmony Home Medical Supply

There are several different types of power wheelchairs available: some models, such as the Electric Carbon Fiber Wheelchair by Harmony Home Medical Supply, are more robust and durable, while others, like the Jazzy Evo 613, are more compact for increased maneuverability.

Meet Your Mobility Needs Anywhere with a Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are helpful for people who need assistance getting around but don’t require the fully-fledged features of a power wheelchair.

A manual wheelchair like the FLEXX is lightweight, easy to maneuver and folds up for storage in the trunk of your car or closet. This portability allows you to bring your chair with you on outings  and use it inside or outdoors for short distances on flat terrain.

With a manual wheelchair, you can meet your mobility needs anywhere you go. 

Experience Utmost Comfort and Relaxation with a Lift Chair

In one fluid motion, lift chairs can shift you from one position to another, making them ideal for people who need assistance getting in and out of their seats. 

A lift chair like the Double Motor Lift Chair has adjustable power settings that enable users to recline into their favorite position or move to a standing place at the press of a button. With a lift chair from Harmony Home Medical Supply, you will experience the utmost comfort and relaxation — and that’s a promise

Invest in a Hospital Bed for Tailored Sleep Support  

An at-home hospital bed is ideal if you're looking for a bed that will keep you safe and comfortable as you age. Hospital beds are designed specifically for people in recovery or who must stay in bed for extended periods. They provide tailored support for people with different medical conditions, including arthritis or other mobility problems.

Woman adjusting Flexabed using a remote

Hospital beds are more comfortable and adaptable than standard beds. Features like adjustable backrests, footboards and headboards allow users to shift their bodies into positions that relieve pressure on joints or muscles. In addition to this functionality, hospital beds have more options for positioning the mattress than traditional beds.

Some models, such as the Hi-Low SL Adjustable Bed, allow users to raise one end of the mattress while letting them lay flat on another part. This feature ensures users can choose how much inclination they want under them without needing additional pillows or cushions.

Breathe Better with an Oxygen Concentrator   

If you're having trouble breathing and find supplemental oxygen through tanks too much of a hassle, consider investing in a medical oxygen concentrator.

Concentrators are machines that filter the air around you and purify it into an inhalable form for breathing. They use electrical pumps to concentrate the continuous oxygen supply from your environment so that you can use them safely at home or on the go. Although larger units are stationary, portable units are also available for those who frequently travel and offer a more convenient experience than standard oxygen tanks. 

An oxygen concentrator will help you breathe better — but if you have any questions about which option would work best for you, consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making a decision!

Closing Considerations

Home medical equipment makes aging more comfortable and manageable for everyone.

As we get older, we may need to adapt our homes to accommodate our needs. Some of us will require medical equipment, while others will want products that make our lives easier. That said, medical equipment isn't just for folks with disabilities. It's also for those who wish to continue their independent lifestyles as they age.

Whether you need a safe way to get around the house or a bed tailored to your specific sleeping needs, home medical equipment ensures maximum comfort and convenience.

Planning and preparation can go a long way and make a massive difference in your quality of life. With home medical equipment, you can maintain control of your life and live comfortably in your home — no matter your health or mobility needs.


A mobility scooter can make life easier for both you and your loved one. If you're thinking about renting a mobility scooter, you should ask a few essential questions beforehand. It will guarantee that the equipment is appropriate and satisfies your requirements in every way.

Wondering where to rent a mobility scooter in San Diego or Vista? Harmony Home Medical Supplies is your go-to home medical equipment distributor.

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