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Supernal Recliner Plus

"Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up"
(1 year FREE service warranty included)

The Supernal Recliner Plus bed by Transfer Master is a new sleep system that combines all the features of an adjustable bed with an elegant design fit for a master bedroom. The Supernal Recliner Plus allows you to have complete head and foot adjustability. The Supernal Recliner Plus also features a robust massage system, with all electrical connections hidden, adding to the stylish, high-end look of the bed.

The Supernal Recliner Plus features head and foot adjustability, allowing the user to reach their ideal comfort level. The easy-to-use wireless controls illuminate when in use, allowing for quick adjustments without the hassle. The bed also features a European-style head tilt, which cradles the pillow for added comfort. The bed comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen and dual king. Transfer Master beds do not have brackets to attach existing headboards.

The Supernal Recliner has two mattress options: the Ascent I and the Soft Touch, which both feature border edge protection. The Ascent I has state-of-the-art progressive laminated foams, promoting a healthy skin environment. The Soft Touch has a cool, form-fitting memory foam core that wicks away heat and moisture, while contouring with the user’s body, providing maximum comfort.

Along with the unique mattress options, the Supernal Recliner Plus also has two mattress cover options: the Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover and the Stretch Fabric Cover. The Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover provides a soft, fresh sleeping environment. The cover also provides anti-bacterial, deodorizing and breathable elements. The Stretch Fabric Cover has a waterproof, fabric-like cover that is easily cleaned. The durability of this cover will add protection to your mattress for years to come.

Total comfort sleep system with style and user preference in mind.

*Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up, installation, and service/warranty package required ($700)

  • Total head and foot adjustability
  • Illuminated wireless control
  • Luxury mattress and cover options


  • Mattress Thickness: 6
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.