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SENI CARE Cleansing Cream

SKU S-CC08-C11

Seni Care Cleansing Body Cream is a gentle cream for everyday cleansing of sensitive skin. People with limited mobility often face lowered immunity, combined with skin in prolonged contact with irritants. Everyday hygiene is critical in reducing the risk of infection. The Seni Care line of skin care products is specially designed for the care of sensitive skin exposed to irritant factors.

- Leaves the skin clean and odor free.
- Emollients to moisturize and soften the skin.
- Citronellyl Methylcrotonate neutralizes urine odor.
- Dermatologically Tested.
- No rinse formula.
- Recommended for use with Personal Care Gloves.
- Size 8 fl. oz.

Directions for use:
Apply needed amount of Seni Care Cleansing Body Cream to the glove or soiled areas, spread gently and wipe away residue with other side of glove after approximately 1 minute. Do not rinse, to leave a delicate film on the skin.


Additional Information
Product Category  Cleansing Cream
Absorbency Level N/A
Pieces 8 oz
Case 6