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Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay System


The Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay System by Roho encourages the healing and prevention of bed sores and soft tissue damage. This unique Overlay System is air-filled and adjustable to maximize comfort and protection. With a make-up of 720 soft, interconnected air cells, pressure is distributed and your body is cradled while the cells conform to you perfectly. The four sections of the mattress can be adjusted individually, so you can be sure to achieve the perfect low-pressure for every part of your body.

So how does this Mattress Overlay reduce soft tissue deformation and promote healing? The Dry Floatation system floats your body above the mattress to reduce pressure and create a therapeutic protection for all pressure ulcers, including deep tissue injuries. The Dry Floatation system also increases blood flow by at least four times, as shown by a yearlong study using laser Doppler velocimetry.

This is a non-powered overlay, so there is no need for an external power source! The Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay also features drainage holes in the base of the overlay, so moisture is able to drain away from the body easily. Care for your mattress overlay is simple with being easy to clean and disinfect, and air cells are repairable to extend its overall life!

Innovative comfort and protection.

  • Made of flame-resistant, black neoprene
  • Includes: Dry Floatation (4 sections per overlay system), registration card, hand inflation pump, repair kit, operation instructions, and 1 cover
  • Non-powered 
  • No weight limit if properly sized to the individual and the bed mattress lbs


Overall Dimensions: 75" l x 33.75" w x 3.25" h (190x86x8cm)


Weight: 32 lbs.