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Outlander XL - Ratcheting Straps

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The Pride Mobility Outlander XL outside power vehicle lift is a great addition to Pride's lift line. The Outlander XL is great for transporting larger 4-wheel scooters such as the Pride Celebrity XL, Pursuit and Pursuit PMV. It can be used on a full-size van, minivan, truck, sedan, SUV or crossover vehicle.  It features an easy to install hitch system and ships almost fully assembled in one box. The Outlander XL has a license plate holder for safety and adjustable wheel chocks that aid in centering the mobility unit on the platform as standard features. It also has a drive-on/off platform that allows the user to drive their unit onto the platform from either direction.  

Hitch and Power Options
The Outlander XL is available with either a Class II, III or IV hitch and has a manual override in the event of a power shortage. It operates off of either a hardwire kit, attached to your car's battery, or a hardwire and battery combination or just a battery pack which requires no hardwiring. The battery pack is required if you choose to have this lift professionally installed.

Securement Device
Securing your mobility unit to the Outlander XL is easy and multiple options are available. A lockdown arm is an easy solution, simply drive your scooter onto the lift and engage the lock-down arm which has been pre-configured to stop at your scooter seat height. Another option for securing your scooter is done with tie-down straps, either ratcheting or retractable, that attach to built-in tabs on your mobility product to prevent it from moving on the platform.

The Outlander XL is compatible with a wide variety of Pride mobility units along with other manufacturers, please click here to see if your vehicle and mobility unit are compatible.


This lift comes with 3 black ratcheting straps for securement.

A 56.75" long usable platform allows this lift to transport some of the largest 4-wheel scooters on the market.

  • Great for larger 4-wheel scooters and powerchairs
  • Ships in just one box for easy set-up
  • Compatible with most full-size vans, minivans, trucks, sedans, SUVs and crossover vehicles
  • License plate holder standard
  • Shock-absorbing "cradle effect" protects unit from jarring vibrations
  • Standard adjustable wheel chocks


  • Works With Hitch Size:
    • Class II Hitch
    • Class III Hitch
    • Class IV Hitch
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Weight: 102 lbs.