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Comfort Wide EX-5000 Quick-Ship Bed Frame

"Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up"
(1 year FREE service warranty included)

The Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX5000 Retractable is designed to make the most effective use of small spaces. The EX5000 is a great option for rehab facilities or users needing room for wheelchairs, patient lifts, walkers, and other medical equipment. The EX5000 was designed to reduce falls by the user when exiting the bed with its lower height. The lower height also makes care by attendants easier and more efficient. The low retracting bed frame allows the user to get closer to bedside amenities such as night stands and cabinets.

The trade marked Comfort Wide feature on the EX5000 allows the bed width to expand from 35” to 39” and all the way up to 42” with the simple touch of a button. To make the bed easy to move and pass through doorways as narrow as 36”, you can utilize Med-Mizer’s Evac Position. The Evac Position makes the bed narrower by attaching a sidebar. The Clinical Contour feature assists with positioning and prevents sliding to reduce skin shear. Space conservation is a primary theme for the EX5000. If you have limited storage room for a bed, the EX5000 fully folds up vertically taking up only 4 square feet.

Capable of expanding from 35” to 39” to 42” while still being compact enough to use as little space as possible.

Explore convenience with our flexible set-up and delivery options tailored to your preferences. Opt for the ultimate "Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up," where our team handles everything from unboxing to assembly, providing detailed instructions along with seamless delivery to your doorstep. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we offer "In-store Pickup," allowing you to pay a nominal in-store fee for us to unbox, assemble, and provide guidance, all within the store premises. Choose the option that suits you best and let us make your experience hassle-free!

  • Space saving design for smaller rooms
  • Promotes better positioning
  • Expandable width
  • Bed retracts towards head section for convenience
  • Great deck height range of 9” to 25”
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Weight: 225 lbs.