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ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed

"Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up"
(1 year FREE service warranty included)

The ActiveCare Auto-Pivot bed gives the user control over the revolutionary pivoting function of MedMizer's Pivot Bed with the touch of a button. The Auto-Pivot feature is integrated into the pendant controls and assists with standing, sitting upright, and transferring in and out of bed. It allows the bed to transition into a seated position where the user can place their feet on the floor and safely enter or exit the bed.  Thus making shifting, scooting, and swinging one’s legs over the side of the bed unnecessary. The ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed comes in two different frame styles: a fixed height frame or a power adjustable height frame.

  • Three ActiveCare models: Deluxe, Standard, and Fixed Height
  • OneButtonSafeTurn feature the bed allows users to shift from fully reclined to full seated with the touch of a button
  • Optional mobility bar makes getting in and out of bed even easier
  • Three mattress options for increased comfort and support
  • Head and footboard color options
  • Pendant controlled auto-pivot function
  • Prevent injuries with the stand assist rising of the bed
  • Promotes better positioning
  • Simplifies transfers


  • Dimension:
    • 80" l x 36" w x 12.5" - 18.5" h (203x91x32-47cm)
    • 80" l x 42" w x 12.5" - 18.5" h (203x107x32-47cm)


  • Maximum Back Angle: 80 Degree
  • Trendelenburg: None
  • Massage: No
  • Maximum Knee Angle: 30 Degree
  • Adjustable Deck Height: No
  • One ButtonSafe Turn Exit: fully automates the bed to turn into a chair and allow the patient to safely enter and exit the bed
  • FullChair Position: allow the patient the ability to sit in the bed for added comfort. Watch TV, eat a meal, and socialize with family and friends while remaining comfortably in bed
  • RollBack in place: head of bed can articulate to 80 degrees with the assistance of rollback in place to alleviate shearing/friction in the lower back.
  • Fixed Height: comes with a low height of around 19" (standard height of a wheelchair) and has the ability to have casters added (3" and 5") to raise the bed height to allow the end user an appropriate height to stand up and sit down.
  • Weight: 386 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.

Limited Warranty

  • 15 years on bed frame mechanics
  • 2 years on drive system
  • 1 year on wood, casters & handsets
  • Lifetime warranty on all welds