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Etude HC Homecare Bed

"White Glove In-home Delivery and Installation"
( 1 year FREE service warranty included when in             San Diego County)

The Etude HC Bed is a twin bed option for those needing extended homecare functionality providing an attractive head and footboard as standard plus an emphasis on positioning to prevent shearing concerns for users.  Safety rail options are available to assist with transfers and increase safety by preventing falls.  Transfers and patient care by aids is made easier with a generous deck height range of 7.8” to 26.5”.  The head and foot of the bed can be raised and lowered by using the 8-function hand control that also features an attendant lock out for additional user safety.  Portability and storage are emphasized on the Etude HC.  The bed can be assembled without tools.  The Etude HC can be transported as a single rolling unit with 3” locking casters making transport smooth and easy. If you choose to separate the pieces, the bed disassembles into pieces weighing less than 52 lbs. each.

Shear prevention is the primary focus of Etude HC.  The Etude HC features Shear Management Technology (SMT) as a standard feature.  Shearing is a common concern on some basic full-electric hospital beds.  SMT works to prevent shearing friction by repositioning the head and upper body of the user.  Similar beds are unable to prevent the user from sliding forward in their bed when the head is raised causing the potential for the user to slide forward on their rear thus creating the potential for shearing on the bottom.  Lockout ability is not common on beds in the Etude HC category.  The lockout feature allows the caregiver or attendant to prevent positioning of the bed by the user or others who may be around the bed.  Thus, the head or foot section as well as the overall height of the bed cannot be accidentally adjusted without the oversight of the attendant. 

The Etude HC Bed conforms to the IEC bed standard IEC 60601-2-52. This equates to the highest degree of safety for both the client and the caregiver. The eight function pendant allows the caregiver to lock out any of the bed's functions for enhanced patient safety.

A hi-lo bed with shear prevention positioning.

  • Adjustable Deck Height Range of 7.8” to 26.5”
  • 8 Function Hand Control
  • Safety Lock Out Feature
  • Smooth Rolling, Locking 3” Casters
  • Shear Management Technology
  • Adjustable Angles for the Back, Thigh, Leg, and Full Body Tilt


  • Weight capacity: 360 lbs.
  • Weight: 183 lbs.