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Latex Core Adjustable Bed Mattress

"Premier In-Home Delivery and Set-up"
(1 year FREE service warranty included)

Latex Core Mattress:

Our natural latex provides the soft feel and dynamic support of a luxurious, custom-molded mattress. The mattress is considered to be a "Medium Firm" density mattress, yet providing the soft feel and dynamic support of a luxurious, custom-molded mattress. The surface resists the "sinking" sensation that some users report with memory foam mattresses. The Latex Foam Core mattress still provides a "body-conforming" feel, but offers more elasticity and a faster surface "response time," which makes it easier to maneuver yourself when pushing off the mattress surface with your arms, elbows or heels to reposition. Recommended for patients who are bedridden, or for heavier users. The 100% natural rubber latex core is constructed with Talalay latex laminated to a polyurethane foam core to create a solid base of support, and topped with quilted padding.

  • Latex mattresses could possibly help:
    • People who prefer a firm mattress
    • Light sleepers, as the latex material is great for motion isolation, limiting disturbances from a tossing and turning partner
    • People with joint pain, as the resilient material is able to contour to the body just enough to support proper alignment
  • Latex mattresses work with your body’s natural curves to support you for restful sleep
  • These mattress options offer exceptional support and contouring that might help to keep the spine aligned and happy
  • The latex used in Flexabed mattresses is a springy, durable material derived from the sappy extract of rubber trees
  • Latex contours gently and produces a light bounce when processed into a foam for mattress layers
  • Latex also retains minimal body heat and is one of our most popular mattress materials for its pressure relief, durability, and buoyancy
  • The rubber-latex core, made with 100% natural Talalay latex, is laminated to the polyurethane foam to create a solid core
  • High-density polyurethane core
  • 100% natural rubber latex design
  • Ultra soft, quilted topper provides added comfort


  • Split/Twin:
    • 8.75" h x 38" w x 74" l (22x96x188cm)
    • 8.75" h x 38" w x 80" l (22x96x203cm)
    • 8.75" h x 38" w x 84" l (22x96x213cm)
  • Full:
    • 8.75" h x 53" w x 74" l (22x135x188cm)
    • 8.75" h x 53" w x 80" l (22x135x203cm)
    • 8.75" h x 53" w x 84" l (22x96x213cm)
  • Queen:
    • 8.75" h x 60" w x 80" l (22x152x203cm)
    • 8.75" h x 60" w x 84" l (22x152x213cm)
  • King:
    • 8.75" h x 76" w x 80" l (22x193x203cm)
    • 8.75" h x 76" w x 84" l (22x193x213cm)
    • 8.75" h x 72" w x 84" l (22x183x213cm)


  • Bed Size: Split/Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Available with: Premier, Hi-Low SL
  • Constructed: Polyurethane Foam, Rubber
  • Weight
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
    • Weight: 50 lbs.