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Slumber Series Full Articulation Hi-Lo Electric Twin Size Bed


The Slumber Series Fully-Adjustable Electric Safety Bed combines all the benefits of the Fixed Height Non Adjustable Slumber Series with added height-adjustability and both recline for the upper body and elevation for the legs and feet. The fully-electric model uses a motor to power all three features, while the semi-electric has a motor to power the head and foot adjustments and has a manual height adjust. The ability to raise and lower the bed gives caregivers much easier access without sacrificing easy transitions for the child in and out of bed. The head and foot adjustable options open up a world of positioning possibilities to satisfy child comfort and therapeutic need. The safe-latching sides help reduce the risk of falls and can be standard height or extra-high for added safety. A variety of available modifications and accessories allow you to tailor the bed for each individual child™s medical needs.

This height-adjustable, hand-made child safety bed provides a fully-accessible environment with latching doors that helps reduce fall risk and motorized head and foot adjustability.

  • Adjustable height for ease of transitions and caregiver access
  • Concealed hardware for added safety and reduced risk of accidental injury
  • Recline and elevation provide various positioning possibilities for patient comfort and therapeutic need
  • Semi- or fully-electric operation for ease of shifts in position
  • Standard or High sides with one-handed opening and clear acrylic panels for easy access and visibility
  • Handcrafted bed frame
  • Solid wood construction
  • Locking, climb resistant side doors


  • Overall Dimensions (Twin): 80.5" l x 40.5" w (204x103cm)
  • Mattress Dimensions (standard twin): 76" l x 36" w (193x91cm)
  • Standard Sides Door Height (above mattress): 33" - 16" (84-41cm)
  • High Sides Door Height (above mattress): 45" - 29" (114-74cm)
  • Mattress height:
    • Standard Sides: 17" - 31" (43-79cm)
    • High Sides: 17" - 31" (43-79cm)
  • Transfer height:
    • Standard Sides: 23.5" (60cm)
    • High Sides: 23.5" (60cm)




  • Bed Type: Full Electric
  • Door system: Standard side and High side (bi-fold)
  • Bed: Full Articulation (electric)
  • Height Adjustments: Electric
  • Mattress Size: Twin (76x36)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.