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ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed


The only fully automatic pivoting bed from which you can exit and enter in full chair position. 

  • Pendant controlled auto-pivot function
  • Fixed height or adjustable height frame options available
  • Prevent injuries with the stand assist rising of the bed
  • Promotes better positioning
  • Simplifies transfers
  • Made in the USA
Key Specs
  • Bed Length: 80"
  • Bed Width: 36"
  • Bed Height:
    • 12.5 " to 18.5 "
    • 12.5 " to 27.5 "
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Weight: 386 lbs.

The ActiveCare Auto-Pivot bed gives the user control over the revolutionary pivoting function of MedMizer's Pivot Bed with the touch of a button. The Auto-Pivot feature is integrated into the pendant controls and assists with standing, sitting upright, and transferring in and out of bed. It allows the bed to transition into a seated position where the user can place their feet on the floor and safely enter or exit the bed.  Thus making shifting, scooting, and swinging one’s legs over the side of the bed unnecessary. The ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed comes in two different frame styles: a fixed height frame or a power adjustable height frame.

ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed w/ Fixed Height Frame

The fixed height frame features a standard height of 12.5", but can be ordered in two additional heights of 15.5" or 18.5".  The 12.5" fixed height option is built with a stationary base that does not include wheels for bed transport. If you require your Auto-Pivot bed to be mobile, consider upgrading to the 15.5" fixed height option that includes 3'' rolling casters. Or, select the 18.5" fixed frame height option which includes 5" caster wheels to make . 

ActiveCare Auto-Pivot Bed w/ Adjustable Height Frame

Upgrade to the adjustable height frame and your Auto-Pivot bed will include height adjustment controls located on the hand pendant. These controls allow the bed height to adjust between 12.5"-27.5" with the touch of a button. The adjustable height frame includes 3" rolling caster wheels, giving the bed the ability to be transported if need be.  Additionally, a trendelenberg remote is available as an upgrade for the adjustable height frame which allows the Auto-Pivot bed to achieve trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg positioning. 

What Makes This Different:

All positioning adjustments and auto-pivot functions can be made with the hand pendant that is included with the ActiveCare Auto-Pivot bed.  What really makes the Auto-Pivot Bed different is the ability to be disconnected at the foot section.  A caregiver can easily push the foot section away from the sleeping surface to create a sitting surface that is just like a chair.  The foot section will now be out of the user’s way making transfers, care, and therapy much easier and safer. The back of the bed can also archive High Fowler position (close to 90º) for users who need to sit in an upright position. The Auto-Pivot bed features a unique sheet design due to its moving parts. A set of sheets comes standard with purchase, but an additional set is recommended.