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Wheelchairs in San Diego

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While certain health conditions can necessitate the permanent use of a wheelchair, the device can also offer temporary help, especially if you are recovering from an operation or injury.

A wheelchair enhances movement incredibly. It’s designed to fit in tight spaces, making it ideal for day-to-day usage at home and in public places. A wheelchair also offers independence. You can move around your home while undertaking your daily activities, even with limited mobility. A power wheelchair takes this notion further with ease of use and less fatigue.

The impact of a wheelchair on the user’s health cannot be underestimated. Besides increasing the physical activity level, an appropriate wheelchair coupled with ample usage training, can help prevent the progress of deformities, and relieve pressure sores and other issues associated with bad posture.

How to Choose the Best Manual Wheelchair in San Diego

Buy Manual Wheelchairs in San Diego

Correct Wheelchair Measurements

Harmony Home Medical offers specialized measuring to ensure every customer is fitted properly for their new wheelchair.

Our On Duty ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) can do a mobility assessment to ensure that the right wheelchair seating for each patient’s needs is selected. Correct seating can not only affect comfort, but also health, level of fatigue or energy, and ability to breathe.

One size does not fit all - that is why we offer home evaluations as well. Harmony Home Medical is here to help make sure you or your loved one get the best product for YOU.

Not ready to buy? Try our flexible manual wheelchair rental program!

Contact us about delivery options, or you can go to our rental wheelchair page and select your product.

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After Purchase Care

Once you purchase a wheelchair from Harmony Home Medical the experience does not stop there.

Harmony Home Medical will provide one year FREE in-home service on all new wheelchairs. We offer free light maintenance and adjustments in-store for life.

We can also adjust a lot of the chairs to accommodate needs of patients over time. Our bodies change and our needs change with time, so new cushion or back selections can be made if needed.

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony does. We’re here to help and here to stay!

Types of Manual Wheelchairs in San Diego

Things to Consider When Buying A Manual Wheelchair in San Diego

Comfort & Support

Comfort becomes a critical consideration when buying a wheelchair for daily use. A key determinant of comfort in a wheelchair is the seat, mainly made of vinyl or nylon. Most wheelchairs need to be used with a wheelchair cushion. They have flat seat pans that tend to sag and armrests set at heights intended for cushion use. Any time someone is seated for more than 4 hours they should consider a wheelchair cushion and if they have a high risk or history of pressure sores they should use a skin protection cushion. Pick a wheelchair that offers optimum head and back support, primarily if an existing medical condition influences the amount of support you require. If you require a lot of support, a tilting or reclining wheelchair that can be adjusted to more comfortable positions may be what you need

Ease of Storage & Transportation

As much as a wheelchair enhances your mobility, consider the ease of transporting or storing the machine. This is usually determined by the weight of the materials and the availability of removable components. Pushing or lifting a bulky wheelchair requires considerable energy. Conversely, a foldable, lightweight wheelchair is easy to handle, takes less storage space, and can easily be stashed in the boot of a vehicle for seamless transportation. When you leave the Harmony Home Medical San Diego showroom you can be certain your new wheelchair suits your logistics preferences.


When studying the elements of a wheelchair, first check its wheels. Wheelchair casters can swivel in every possible direction and usually have solid tires. The rear wheels can be pneumatic or solid. Solid tires are puncture-resistant but offer a relatively rougher ride. Although pneumatic tires are excellent shock absorbers, they are more susceptible to punctures than their solid counterparts. By incorporating a quick-release button, most rear wheels can be removed quickly to reduce the overall size and ease transportation of the wheelchair. If you intend to use your wheelchair on slippery surfaces or during winter, the traction of the tires is something you don’t want to overlook.


Pay special attention to the wheelchair footrests, of which most can swing outwards while some can turn both inwards and outwards. Swing-away footplates give you room to stand in front of your chair without stepping over the plates. Elevated footrests are essential if there’s a need to keep your legs straight or raise them for a more extended period. You might consider removable footrests if the weight and size are a great deal when transporting and storing your chair.


Remember to check the armrests installed on your choice of a wheelchair. Although armrests offer significant arm support during rests and movements, they can bring in hurdles during sideways transfers. For this reason, most wheelchairs have detachable or flip-up armrests. The standard armrest height can prevent good access to a table. Swing-up-arm and half-arm wheelchairs can help eliminate the hassle. Height-adjustable armrests can, however, save you plenty of hurdles associated with regular counterparts.