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Wheelchair Maintenance

Tips and Support in Taking care of your wheelchair and medical equipment

When it comes to wheelchair maintenance, think about regular cleaning and inspections.

You don’t require expensive products to clean your mobility equipment. With warm water and soap solution, wire brush, and some microfiber towels, you are good to go. 

Start with removing the back cushion, seat, and other fabrics and subsequently brush off dirt on the chair grooves using the wire brush. Alternatively, you can use a compressed air duster.

Dip a towel in the solution and clean every surface of your equipment, including the backrest, seat, wheels, spokes, and frame. You can use a cleanser to improve the glossy appearance of the wheels and remove stains from your cushions. Re-assemble the wheelchair when all parts are dry. 

A standard maintenance procedure is checking the wheels. Press the tires to gauge their pressure. The tires should feel firm; otherwise, add air using a bicycle pump. Ensure that the rear and front wheels spin without producing sounds or wobbling.

Check the tires for wears and punctures. Replace worn-out tires and have the puncture fixed at a wheelchair repair shop in San Diego. 

Next, inspect the brakes. Wheelchair brakes become inefficient when they are inappropriately adjusted or installed or when the tires have minimal pressure. Remember to tighten loose parts of the wheels, including bolts and spokes, using a wrench.

Check the frame for cracks and dents. Cracks can compromise the structural integrity of your wheelchair. It’s, therefore, imperative to weld the cracked part as soon as possible. Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten any loose bolt or nut on your chair. 

Make sure there are no sharp or rough areas and rough edges on the armrests, footrests, and hand rims to prevent potential injuries to yourself and others. Smooth rough or sharp parts with a file.

Replace worn out or saggy seat fabric to prevent pressure sores and check cushion seats for firmness.
Regularly lubricate all moving parts of your wheelchair, including the moving parts of the wheels and the folding mechanism, to minimize friction and wear. 

Power Wheelchairs or Electric Wheelchairs

Powered by a rechargeable battery and motor, an electric or motorized wheelchair is an incredible tool for minimizing manual input and increasing independence. A jolly stick on the armrest enables you to control the machine’s direction and speed. The motor eases navigation on sloppy surfaces.

Power is delivered to one set of wheels while the remaining pair offers stability. Resultantly, motorized chairs are classified as back-, mid-, or front-wheel, depending on the location of the powered wheels.

You can also have your chair customized at a supplier shop to suit your ergonomic and convenience needs.

Wheelchairs take the largest market share of mobility assistive technologies, with the National Center for Biotechnology Information estimating the number of wheelchair users in the US to be 2.7 million in 2015. You expect the figure to have increased immensely five years later.

With many options being available in online, picking the right wheelchair may be tricky for first-time buyers. Nonetheless, having the right information will save you from common after-sale frustrations.

In this guide, we’ve outlined how a wheelchair can streamline your life and the essentials of choosing a wheelchair, among other aspects worth remembering. Seems interesting?