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There are different types of stairlift available and their categories are broad. The number of options available allows anybody to choose a model that will perfectly suit and adapt to your lifestyle and your budget.

If you’re planning to install a stairlift in your home, consider these major stairlift types:

Lifts For Curved Stairs

The curved stairlift is specifically designed to provide people with disability and elders to easily use their spiral staircases or staircases that turn corners. The chair will be mostly similar as with straight stairlift but the track will instead be curved. It allows anyone who uses it to have a smooth ride because it handles any turns such as 90° and 180°.

Lifts for Straight Stairs

Straight stairlifts are cheaper than curved stairlifts. However, if your stairs have one or more straight flights separated by landings, the best option is to install one continuous curved stairlift instead of having two lifts fitted.

Lifts Built For The Outdoors

Outdoor stairlifts are similar to our indoor models except that they're made much tougher and waterproof! 

Lifts With Seats

A stairlift with seats is reasonably sized so that you won’t worry about carrying a walking stick, handbag, and other small items. However, if you use a bulky aid or a walking frame, it will be too big for you to carry it easily. You will need to have two walking aids or frames – one for downstairs and one for upstairs use.

Standing Lifts

If you can’t sit or stand easily, a lift that you can stand or perch could be the answer to your problem. Perching stairlifts are often used by people who have difficulty bending their knees. Standing lifts are slimmer than lifts with seats so that it can be fitted on narrower stairs. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the different types of stairlifts available and know how they work in practice is to try one out at a disabled living center or any local mobility showroom. You might also want to consider a manufacturer or company that has local installers who can answer your calls for their service quickly. You can also ask them how soon they can install your chosen model.

When purchasing a stairlift, make sure you do your own research and discuss all your options with your physician.

Need help with stairlifts? Contact Harmony Home Medical at (858) 560-8177. We’ll be happy to serve you.