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Sizes of Hospital Beds 

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do Hospital bed sizes. If you are having long-term care you want to be comfortable a slightly larger hospital bed may be called for. It makes sense that a obese patient will require a larger bed, and a child a smaller one, both need to be positioned at the right height for staff to give optimal care. In this article we go over some of the common hospital bed sizes.

Hospital Bed Sizes

A 36-inch standard hospital bed is the correct size for an average-sized person having a short stay in the hospital, of one to three days. Normally people don't remain in the hospital for longer unless they are quite sick.

Reasons for Requiring a Larger Hospital Bed

  • Excessive height patient, over 6 feet tall. Really tall people require a longer bed, and they would probably have a longer bed at home.
  • Overweight Patient will probably require a wider bed, Bariatric beds 42",48" or 54" wide. As people are becoming heavier having the right bed makes caring for them much easier, as well as allowing them to be comfortable. An older person undergoing Bariatric surgery for obesity will take longer to recover and regain full mobility, This means that it is a good idea to order a Bariatric sized, and use a full electric bed at home. Once the person is home recovering, they will require extensive physical therapy to mobilize them properly. It is important that none of the care givers or therapists injure their backs so the right height bed is essential to get the patient up and moving, Without some walking it will be really hard to lose more weight, and usually these patients do better at home.
  • The long-term care patient, often the older or terminally ill patient. These patients need to be comfortable at home, as they hardly move from the bed and require total care. Usually, a fully electric bed is the best option to move them around. Other equipment will be required, including a wheelchair to sit them out of bed for a while and to take them for a walk outside. In some cases, the partner may want to continue sleeping in the same bed and a Queen or King-sized adjustable bed could be required and can be purchased by the patient or family prior to discharge from the hospital.
  • Adjustable Beds, these beds come in the same sizes as other beds, Twin, Full, Queen, King. So get the size that suits your needs delivered to your home.

Hospital Bed Sizes

Having the right bed size is important both at home and in hospital, especially at home where you don't have the resources available in hospital.


1.What is the Best Hospital Bed for Home Use?

The best hospital bed for home use absolutely depends on your needs. So when you leave the hospital seek advice before you take your family member home. The other thing that will help is to get an assessment of what is required in the home from one of our experts you can contact us here

There may be other equipment required and you can order everything from the company, and have the home delivery team set it up for you. Whether you purchase the equipment or rent it will be dependent on the length of time that you require it. If you are an older person a full-electric bed is an attractive option to purchase for easy maneuverability. Hospital bed sizes vary and with the electric bed, you will have a choice.

2.Do Hospital Beds Fold Up

Hospital bed sizes vary, some are on castors for easy moving. Most hospital beds can be easily folded, as they have been specially designed to be stored when not required. If you finish using the bed and want to put it away for a while, make sure that any cables are clean and stowed away. Cover the whole bed in a secure cover to keep the dust out until it is needed again.