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Grab Bar Ultimate Guide (2019)

The world is a pretty cool place, even in the space that is bounded by the four walls of your house. We want to help you to keep enjoying those spaces by preventing accidents at home. Most accidents happen in homes, but bathrooms and kitchens top the list. The disabled and the elderly are more vulnerable to injuries, especially in matters relating to bathroom and kitchen falls.

According to the statistics, it shows that a large number of people die every day because of these falls, and the rate is rapidly increasing!

This is so serious! The best solution to the bathroom and kitchen falls is the grab bar.

What are Grab Bars?

Grab bars are safety devices made to enable an individual to grab onto in case of a fall, maintain balance, holds some weight, or reduces fatigue while standing.

Typically you can find grab bars in bathrooms of public spaces and pathways, as well in bathrooms, kitchens, and walkways of people’s private homes.

Installation of grab bars is straightforward, and requires a drill, anchors and some trade knowledge to mount the devices on the wall or the ground. Grab bars should be installed in the right way by a professional because if installed incorrectly, they can cause an accident.

Grab bars are not just for public space or care homes, they are a MUST in your personal home in order to stay safe and keep enjoying your living spaces.

The main aim of installing a grab bars is to ensure safety in slippery areas.

Benefits of Grab Bars

  1. Safety and accident prevention

Prevention and safety is an essential factor to consider at home. From people with disabilities, parents and grandparents must be protected from bathroom accidents. Installing grab bars is one of the affordable and easiest ways you can prevent potential falls from happening at home.

  1. Retains your independence and confidence

You feel confident and independent when entering a bathroom with grab bars installed by a professional. Grab bar helps you in maintaining your balance. This makes it safer and easier to go out for tubs, showers, or even washroom.

  1. Versatility

Grab bars are special devices that people should consider installing them. Without the grab bar in the kitchen or bathroom, it’s never complete because an accident can occur at any time.

Different Types of Grab Bars

  • Vertical grab bars

Vertical grab bar is easier to grip, straightforward to use with arthritis sufferers. A vertical grab bar has a less wall coverage, especially when you are walking in the bathroom.

  • Horizontal grab bars

Grab bars permit you to rotate your body, strong when you pull yourself up to stand. The horizontal grab bar is highly beneficial because it helps the handicapped to get out and in of a wheelchair and also into a tub. These kinds of grab bars have a limited fixed height. They are not the best for people with arthritis.

  • Diagonal grab bars

Diagonal grab bars can accommodate numerous heights; give a unique natural movement in the wrist and hands when you hold it. Diagonal grab bars help you to stand and sit comfortably in the toilet with a lot of confidence.

  • Grab bar clamps

Grab bar clamps are recommended to the user, especially when lifting legs on the tub wall to get out or in.

  • Corner grab bars for two walls

Corner grab bars for two walls are significantly useful if you sit on a shower chair to bathe or in the hub. Corner grab bars have one continuous piece that attaches two sides of the tub wall.