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Due to COVID pricing increases and recent freight changes, we ask that you call for pricing. Once things have normalized we will have online shopping active again. Thank you!
Due to COVID pricing increases and recent freight changes, we ask that you call for pricing. Once things have normalized we will have online shopping active again. Thank you!

Want to know about the best hospital beds for home care? If the answer is yes, then you are definitely at the right place. Here we are going to discuss the best hospital beds that can be used for home care.

Most people find the home environment more soothing in recovery. You see, hospitals are fully equipped with equipment and medicine needed for taking care of the ill, but when the injury takes more time to recover, people ask for home treatment or if you a senior home who continually needs help getting in and out of bed, then opting for a hospital bed at home could be the best answer. Many individuals buy hospital beds so that their elderly, handicapped, or ill family members can stay with them for more extended periods.

What is a Hospital Bed for Home Use?

Hospital beds are a sort of mechanical bed meant to help seniors and those with restricted movements get situated more comfortably in bed. These beds include the ability to change the back and leg height as well as the elevation of the entire bed. They are similar to an electric adjustable bed in several aspects but include features like side rails, casters, and IV poles that distinguish medical hospital beds from ordinary adjustable beds. Siderails are great for having somewhere to grab when adjusting yourself inside the bed and keep you safe from any potential rolls or falls from bed.

3 Hospital Beds Great for Home Use

1. Entry level 

A good entry-level hospital bed is the Graham Field Patriot or Invacare 5410. It is worth every penny. The Graham-Field Patriot can raise the elevation of the bed with an electric motor. Caregivers will find it much easier to move the bed up and down for administering care, and bedding changes. The patient may also arrange the mattress for optimal comfort thanks to the electronic height adjustment. 

The Invacare 5410IVC Full-Electric Beds are infinitely adjustable hospital or residential care beds with complete control over the neck, leg, and bed height. All postures are electrically regulated for the patient's and caregiver's comfort.

2. Long-term Care

Next, if you're looking for a long term care bed, then consider the Joerns UCXT and Invacare Etude in your list.

The UltraCare XT Healthcare Bed is ideal for in-home care since it gives luxury and personalized options. The "extensible" bed is available in two lengths (76" or 80") and may be extended up to 88" with an additional 4" length extension. This home healthcare bed has structure and function, with hi-lo, skull, and knees mobility, and easy chair functionality, and suits each house precisely with the selection of head and foot frames to fit the style while maintaining you secure and comfortable.

The Invacare Etude; it is a twin bed choice for people who want prolonged homecare capability, with a stylish head and foot boards and a focus on placement to avoid users from being sheared. Transfers can be made more accessible with safety rails, which also enhance safety by reducing falls.

3. Adjustable

Lastly, if you are looking for an adjustable bed, you must wishlist Flexa Bed Hi-Lo or Supernal Hi-Lo.

The Flexa Bed hi-lo is powered by a whisper-quiet motor. It is operated via a palm remote control that can be wired or wireless. The head, legs, and height are all controlled by motors.

A Supernal Adjustable Bed is a nursing home bed designed to be used at home. As with a movable home bed, the electric motors and other components are obscured. Users may attach their favorite headboards to their Beds.

Cost of Hospital Bed for Home Use

Hospital beds come in various forms and sizes, as well as a variety of costs. The cost of a hospital bed depends significantly on what you wish to add. When it comes to cost prices for a simple hospital bed with just electrical adjustability, but no additional amenities start at $1,781 for one bed. The cost of a hospital bed with more features and a better standard is about $2,494, based on the extras included. The specialist bed can go up to $14000 based on the requirements you need.


How do you Hide or Disguise a Hospital Bed at Home?

IOften people look for a way to hide or disguise the bed.You should consider purchasing a bed skirt featuring slits on every corner that drapes down to the ground will assist in concealing the hospital bed's look. 

Can I Put a Regular Mattress on a Hospital Bed?

It is not recommended, it is advisable to go with a medical mattress. In most circumstances, using a standard bed in a hospital type setting is not advisable. A typical mattress is not designed with the stringent criteria linked with patients’ medical problems. Many people using hospital beds will be in the bed for a very extended period of time and need certain types of support. As well a traditional mattress cannot flex, which is a characteristic that is frequently used to feed patients or alter their postures.

Is a Hospital Bed a Twin Size?

No, the width of a twin bed is less than that of a full-size hospital bed.