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Mobility scooters have transformed the way people with mobility issues live their lives. This mobility aid is similar to a wheelchair in function. But, since it is motorized or power-operated, it is easier to use for the mobility-challenged individual. Before you invest in one, it is important to understand what it can do and how you can optimize its use.

History of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a lifesaver for seniors and disabled persons. Wheelchairs were introduced to the public during the 1780s. They helped to mobilize users and gave them a sense of independence. But there are still limitations to the use and capabilities offered by wheelchairs, even modern ones. However, these limitations were answered when scooters came to be.

Mobility scooters were invented in 1968 by plumber Allan R. Thieme. His invention came about after he became frustrated about the mobility options for a family member who suffered from multiple sclerosis. He spent many nights building the prototype for the first mobility scooter in his Bridgeport, Michigan garage. His first successful prototype was a small yellow scooter that could travel three to four miles an hour.

Since then, there have been many companies that developed mobility scooters. This revolutionary piece of technology opened up a wide range of possibilities for seniors and disabled persons.

Benefits of Using Mobility Scooters

There are multiple benefits offered by mobility scooters for users. Here are some of the factors that have helped drive the high demand for this assistive device:

  • Sense of Independence – The increased independence among seniors and mobility-challenged users is one of the most profound benefits of mobility scooters. They give seniors the chance to do what they want when they want it. If you need to go from one point to another, you can do so without waiting for someone to assist you. You no longer have to rely on others to push you forward (just like in a wheelchair). In a way, it also encourages going out more because of the increased sense of independence.
  • Speed of Travel – Unlike wheelchairs that require manual force to push around, you can travel faster with mobility scooters. After all, this device is a motorized or electric mobility aid that operates on its own using a set of mechanisms. This will allow you to keep up with your friends and family when you are out and about.
  • Ease of Travel – Aside from the speed of your travel, the ease and overall convenience of mobility scooters should be noted. As mentioned above, there is no need to manually push the scooter as you would a wheelchair. The user can sit back and relax while enjoying the ride. If it makes traveling more fun, then that is a bonus, too!
  • Versatility and Portability – The portability of mobility scooters is also another major advantage you can enjoy. The mobility scooter is equipped with an easy-to-handle steering mechanism, wider seats, and adjustable armrests. You can change the configuration to suit your comfort. The backrest can be easily folded down when not in use. When you are done using it, disassembly is easy so you can transport it with ease.
  • Improved Lifestyle – An improved lifestyle is one of the more compelling benefits offered by mobility scooters for seniors. A lot of seniors spend most of their time indoors because of mobility issues. But with an assistive scooter, they can get out more without waiting on someone else to help them out. It is a good way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. By spending more time outdoors, seniors can improve their health and outlook.
  • Comfort and Efficiency – Mobility scooters are designed with comfort in mind. They are also designed to be operated by the user without any assistance. This makes it possible for an individual to do things without sacrificing comfort. They also won’t tire easily so they are more encouraged to be independent.

Who Is It For?

Seniors and mobility-challenged individuals enjoy the wide range of benefits brought about by mobility scooters. Patients who are mobility-challenged due to trauma, injury, or genetic conditions often experience a significant lifestyle improvement with the help of these devices.

Now that there are more manufacturers of mobility scooters, there are also more options available. There is a mobility scooter for every need. From mini-portable scooters, mid-range scooters, to class three mobility scooters, or those that you can use on the road, you have many to choose from!

The Future of Mobility Scooters

The benefits of mobility scooters for seniors and disabled persons are changing the way these people live their lives. This is the beauty of technology, for it seeks ways in which people can increase their comfort and efficiency on a day-to-day basis. You can expect that the technology used in developing mobility scooters will continue to develop. This is to the benefit of the users who will be able to do more things independently with features that are created with their needs in mind.

When purchasing a mobility scooter, make sure you do your own research and discuss all your options with your physician.

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