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When choosing whether to get a stairlift or not there are several factors to consider, here are the most important ones:

  1. Stair lift Cost
  2. Feasibility/Placement
  3. Most suitable style/product Stairlift
  4. Desire to remain in home/emotional costs

1. Stairlift Cost

Whenever we are considering a large piece of equipment cost is a factor. With stairlifts it is no different and there are several factors that make those costs vary. They are style (straight, curved, or inclined), features, and brand. Which style is often predicated by your home, whether you have curved or straight stairs, or by your mobility, whether you use a wheelchair full time and your ability to perform transfers. Inclined stairlifts are often the best selection for individuals that use power chairs and have difficulty transferring or cannot transfer alone. An Inclined platform lift allows an individual to ride in his or her wheelchair or power chair while on the lift. Often the decision between which style is pretty clear based on the layout of the home and the individual’s need. Cost vary from $3000 for simplest straight lift to over $25K for curved inclined lift. Those steep differences may cause one to consider different solutions or locations for the lift in the home.

2. Stairlift Feasibility/Placement

That’s where feasibility or placement comes in. There may be more than one solution for your home. Whether it’s two sets of stairs or a good outside deck to have a vertical platform lift go to. These all vary with the home and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, that is why it is important to work with a home access professional.

3. Most suitable style/product Stairlift

Most suitable product depends on layout of home, current ability of client, and future prognosis of that client. While a straight stairlift on your one set of stairs may be the lowest cost solution right now, is there any diagnosis that may make that not be the case in less than 5 years? You would not want to make a significant investment only to not be able to use it a year or two later. The main criteria for the seated stairlift (lower cost option) is the ability to have strong seated posture, so you can ride lift safely, and whether you can easily transfer from one seat to another.

4. Stairlift Cost

Lastly, the desire to remain in your home. Sometimes moving may be the better option, sometimes not. It depends on your area and the availability of one-story homes, you may also consider the level of care you require or foresee requiring. There may be emotional costs, if you raised your kids in that home or if you’ve been there for 20 years there may be more than financial costs to weigh in. If staying in your home is the right choice for you than that is the beauty of stairlifts and home access modifications, they can be just what you need to remain living in your current home.