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A portable oxygen concentrator produces oxygen concentrations that are greater than the air. For people that need this therapy, the use of supplemental oxygen, can greatly improve their health and even just night time use can increase lifespan by 1.94 times, The best way to find out if you need a oxygen concentrator is to talk to your doctor.

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Types of Oxygen Concentrators

Pulse dose

Pulse flow machines produce small burst of oxygen that are timed for when inhale.The Machine can detect your breath rate and deliver a burst of oxygen at the correct time. If your breath rate increases from activity the pulses of oxygen will increase to match your breath. This makes it possible to design these devices light weight and easy to carry.

Continuous flow

Continuous flow oxygen concentrators are usually prescribed by a doctor and do not feature any breath detection capabilities, they supply a continuous stream of oxygen. These machines are good for people who are not to active because they are bigger models usually left at home.
Continuous flow are better for sleeping with because the pulse flow sometimes have a hard time detecting shallow breathing. Continuous flow machines can be used with CPAP if needed.

Who uses an oxygen concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is used to deliver oxygen to patients with breathing disorders such as Sleep Apnea, COPD, shortness of Breath, Congestive Heart failure, and other pulmonary disease or weakness. Most people will get a doctor recommendation, so if you believe you might need oxygen supplementation please ask your doctor. Your doctor will be able to prescribe your amount of oxygen need and flow rate.

Portable oxygen concentrator vs tank

A portable oxygen concentrator and oxygen tank both supply the user with oxygen, but the concentrator pulls oxygen from the ambient air, the oxygen tank stores the oxygen. The tank is heavier and has a limited supply of oxygen were a concentrator has unlimited supply of oxygen if it has power and electrical motor is functioning. The tank although safe does present a little more danger as you have compressed oxygen which is flammable if it leaks in large quantities. Oxygen tanks are also inconveniently sized they are big and elongated making transportation and storage difficult.

Can you take your portable device onan airplane?

All of the modles Harmony Home Medical carries  meet Faa requirements and can be taken on the plane.



After Purchase Care

Once you purchase an oxygen concentrator from Harmony Home Medical the service does not stop there.

We offer free light maintenance and adjustments in-store for life.

You can call us and talk to one of our technicians if you are having any problems with one of our oxygen concentrators. We will direct you to the best solution

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony does. We’re here to help.

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Battery Life

You should be getting 2.5 to 8 hours of battery life from your portable oxygen concentrator but make sure to check your specifications on your model. Some have interchangeable batteries and you can double these times with an with an extra battery

Flow Settings

In todays market you can find portable oxygen concentraor that do both pulse dose and continious flow. For the most part these controls are very easy to use, you should just make sure the oxygen concentrator you are purchasing has the correct flow type you need.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAQ’s

Can portable oxygen concentrators be used 24/7


How much do Oxygen Concetrators Weigh

As low 3.5 lbs for the single setting pulse dose oxygen concentrators up to 15 lbs. for continuous flow, with the most popular being the mid range machines that are 4.5 to 6 lbs.

How long does an oxygen concentrator last?


Is portable oxygen concentrator covered by medicare

Portable oxygen concentrators are sometimes covered by Medicare if the recipient meets the Medicare guidelines and finds an area provider willing to accept the Medicare allowable. Often patients have difficulty finding a Medicare provider that is willing to provide portable oxygen. It may be the best option to purchase this item out of pocket if you want to continue to stay mobile on oxygen.

How much are portable oxygen concentrators?


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