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Wheelchairs Maintenance Tips from Harmony Home Medical - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Wheelchairs Maintenance Tips from Harmony Home Medical


A wheelchair is an important item when we talk about moving from one place to another freely. It is essential to keep it safe and maintain it because we depend on it for a long time. Harmony Home Medical provides good suggestions and makes sure your wheelchair stays well-functioning. Along the way, we will let you know more about how Harmony Home Medical can support you in being in motion seamlessly.

Understanding Different Types of Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchair

User-propelled manual wheelchairs need frequent maintenance to move and stay stable. These lighter, cheaper wheelchairs require frequent tire and brake maintenance.

Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs or Electric Wheelchairs have extra features that make them comfortable and serve extra purposes. These advanced systems must be preserved if they are to consistently work as they are supposed to.

Portable Wheelchair

Portable wheelchairs are made for easy carrying and storage. Even though they offer convenience, the folding part and the light frame should be checked regularly to keep safe and functional.


Why Regular Maintenance is Crucial

Regular maintenance of your wheelchair is essential for several reasons:

Updating your wheelchair ensures safety. Thus, you can avoid accidents caused by worn tires, poor breaks, or loose parts. Tightening loose bolts and applying oil where needed are examples of preemptive repairs. Durability and safety are the most critical wheelchair maintenance factors. Replacement of worn tires, tightening loose parts, and cleaning the wheelchair can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. A well-maintained chair will last longer than a neglected one. It may seem insignificant, but maintaining your wheelchair now will save you money on replacements and repairs later. When your wheelchair works, getting around is easy and comfortable. Independence requires regular maintenance.

Professional Maintenance Services at Harmony Home Medical

Many advantages are associated with using professional maintenance services such as thorough checks and expert repairs by trained personnel because they can find and solve problems that go unnoticed by someone else. During this kind of maintenance check, they will go over everything on your wheelchair making sure nothing escapes their attention since overall, during a professional inspection of wheelchairs, everything is checked and repaired where necessary alongside offering clients a comprehensive explanation of what they have done. At Harmony Home Medical, comprehensive maintenance services are offered that include regular check-ups, as well as repairs and part replacements. What their skilled technicians do is to see to it that your wheelchair is well-maintained.


Tips for Extending the Life of Your Wheelchair

To keep your wheelchair clean, especially for an electric wheelchair, ensure that you wipe it down regularly paying close attention to the wheels, frame, and seat. Make sure you inspect tires for wear and proper alignment. Check for functionality of brakes by either adjusting them or replacing them, if need be. Only spread a little bit of oil over moving parts such as axles and hinges to prevent them from being too dirty. For purposes of keeping it stable, frequently fastenal screws and bolts, which might be hanging loosely.

For electric wheelchairs or power wheelchairs, please follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions on the battery, avoid full discharges, and keep it in a cool, dry place. Always inspect and clean the seat and upholstery, making necessary replacements whenever they are worn out. Consequently, it is recommended that one should avoid carrying excess weight in a wheelchair to prevent damage from accessible spaces to these devices which are essential when it comes to mobility among individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries or other conditions. Always store the chair in a clean, dry place when it is not being used. 


Safety, performance, and longevity benefit from maintaining your wheelchair. It will remain aesthetically pleasing if you read these maintenance tips and get expert help from Harmony Home Medical. Always remember that little by little it keeps the way open.

Harmony Home Medical offers a wide range of wheelchairs. Visit our website or visit our showrooms in San Diego or Vista, or call (858) 560-8177 or (760) 993-5444. Starting today! Enhance your life with greater accessibility and harmony.
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