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Top Features of Knee Scooters - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Top Features of Knee Scooters

When given the option of utilizing crutches or a knee scooter to get around, persons healing from a foot or ankle injury prefer the knee scooter. This rolling device allows you to rest the lower part of your leg on the knee pad while keeping your foot raised and weightless.

It takes a lot of upper body power to go around on crutches, and it's virtually impossible if you have an arm injury. Before knee scooters, patients who couldn't manage crutches had to use a wheelchair to heal, which can be highly restricting. Knee scooters, also known as knee walkers, take far less effort to use than crutches and are favored by nearly 90% of patients evaluated.

A knee scooter reduces the risk of reinjury from putting weight on the foot or falling while balancing on crutches. Knee scooters also free up your hands and allow you to carry on with your normal daily activities while you mend.

Knee Scooter Features

All knee scooters improve mobility and share design components such as wheels, handlebars, and a padded knee rest. When selecting the best knee walker for your needs, consider maneuverability, weight capacity, knee rest design, portability, brake system, accessories, and if it is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.


Steerable knee walkers provide maximum maneuverability, with handlebars providing directional control. They are the most popular design since they allow you to get into the most areas with the least amount of effort. It is possible, however, to take a turn too sharply or too quickly, causing the knee scooter to topple. Front wheels on steerable models can be yanked off course if they come into contact with a barrier or an uneven surface, thus if balance is an issue, a fixed steering type may be better.

Capacity for Weight

Using a knee scooter that can't hold your weight puts you in danger of further injury, so it's critical to acquire a decent fit on a sturdy frame. Most conventional scooters can support individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. Because frame materials differ, examine the frame's sturdiness and composition. This is particularly significant if you have a larger frame. Because the knee scooter will be bearing nearly your full body weight, it must be able to do so safely.

Use Indoors or Outside

Getting outside has been shown to hasten recovery and improve overall health. Any knee scooter may be used indoors, but there are key things to look for if you want to spend a lot of time on it outside. For outdoor use, four-wheeled vehicles are preferable to three-wheeled variants, and steering capabilities are required. Heavy-duty knobby tires are an excellent choice for outdoor use since they provide excellent traction on wet surfaces and limit the likelihood of slipping or getting the wheels trapped.


Consider what it takes to get the scooter where you want to go if one of the reasons you want a knee scooter is to keep your ability to go where you want to go. Most types may be folded using a lever on the handlebars or at the knee rest. Compact and lightweight models are easier to transport and manage when folding and unfolding, which is especially crucial if you'll be traveling alone.


On knee scooters, there are two types of hand brakes. Drum brakes, similar to those seen on bicycles, and loop brakes, which are ideal for quick braking. Some versions have the brakes attached to one side of the handlebars, while others may be constructed with the brake on either the right or left side, and still, others have hand brakes on both sides. Knee scooters with locking wheel brakes give an extra degree of safety and convenience by preventing the scooter from rolling while getting on or off.

Design of Knee Rest

The size, form, and material of the knee rest all contribute to comfort when using a knee scooter. Economy models are appealing because they are less expensive, but their knee rests typically have the least amount of padding and ergonomic consideration. If you're going to be using a knee walker for an extended period of time, it's ideal to get one with plenty of padding that is designed to fully cradle your lower leg.

Knee Scooter Accessories

One of the best features of a knee walker is that it frees up your hands to grab items. Once you have those items, it's good to have a place to store them while you're on the move, therefore most knee scooters come complete with either bags or baskets. These carry-alls come in a variety of sizes. Bags demand a little more attention than open baskets because they must be maintained clean on the inside.

Knee Scooter FAQ

What exactly is a knee scooter?

A knee scooter (also known as a knee walker) is a type of rolling mobility equipment that has two to five wheels, a cushioned knee rest platform, and handlebars. It is a more comfortable alternative to crutches for removing weight from an injured ankle or foot while it heals and keeping your hands free for daily tasks. By resting your leg on the knee pad and self-propelling with the opposite foot, you can roll anywhere you wish while your injury heals, preserving your freedom and capacity to perform daily duties.

Is a knee scooter preferable to crutches?

When given the option, the vast majority of patients will pick a knee scooter over crutches. Crutches are less expensive than knee scooters, but they pose complications for those who have balance concerns, walk a lot, and enjoy spending time outside. Furthermore, crutches can be unpleasant or, at the absolute least, less comfortable than a knee scooter.

How do I use a knee scooter while wearing a boot?

Most knee scooters are incompatible with boots. More options are becoming accessible, however, with the introduction of new two-pad knee scooter designs on the market. A boot is ideally paired with a knee scooter that has a two-pad design with a gap between the two knee rest pads.

How does one fold a knee scooter?

The majority of knee scooters fold by simply releasing levers situated along with the knee scooter frame.



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