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May 5th 2021

Check out our video on Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

In this video I show you a secret weapon for combatting pressure sores! What is a tilt-in-space recliner? A lot of clients don't know. It's a wonderful chair that has most often been used for clients with congenital disorders such as Cerebral Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy, but I like to use the chair across a lot of different populations, including seniors! Any time someone is sitting in a wheelchair for more than 4 hours a day they need to make sure they have pressure management. People can do that through a good cushion and changing position through out the day, but if they cannot independently change position in their chair, or get up and down on their own, then a tilt in space recliner may be something to consider. This chair can help a caregiver change the patient's position safely through out the day with the hydraulic controls for the recline and tilt features. Recline moves the backrest up and down, and tilt moves the entire chair frame back and forth. Tilt is a secret weapon for combatting pressure sores because it is the only way to weight off of the bottom and into the back. Even more so than going into a bed, a tilt in space chair can allow someone to get their bottom some "breathing room" by tilting back into the position where most of the weight goes into the back, which allows blood flow in the lower extremities. Super important for pressure sore prevention. Pressure sore prevention is so important because once someone gets one it can be extremely difficult to repair, and expensive. Sometimes people even need to have flap surgery to repair it, so prevention is best and a tilting wheelchair is the best prevention for that person who can not do their own weight shifts. Comfort is increased when one can change position throughout the day, so that recline feature combined with tilt really opens us all seating position options. It's nice to open the back angle and then use tilt to get a slightly different position every 30 minutes. That is really best practice for pressure management. A caregiver is needed to make those changes in a manual tilt in space reclining wheelchair, but power options do exist for this as well. One can get these features and more in a power chair where they can make all those position changes. So hopefully this video is helpful and explains how helpful these wheelchairs can be. There are a lot of options for these chairs on the market and now they even make one that you can get under $3K. Traditionally they are quite expensive and custom, and while they're pricey, they last for years, even decades, and can do a lot to help one prevent other medical costs. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel so you can be notified when I make more helpful videos! Thanks for watching!

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