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The Country is Re-Opening - Harmony Home Medical Supply

The Country is Re-Opening

As I sit in my Airbnb I reflect on my day yesterday in Eureka Springs. It was wonderful. It was full of life and people enjoying nature again. I saw multi-generational groups having fun together enjoying something we can all agree on, nature! I think this year more families will be enjoying the bounties of mother nature more than ever and all the the USA has to offer. Many are still hesitant to get on a plane and the virus is still out there, although less virulent thank goodness. I noticed that many of the areas to access rivers and springs in this area actually have sidewalks and cutouts where a scooter or power chair could go. There were of course many areas that were a little too challenging for a mobility device, but many options were still on the table. Using our new folding power chair, the Harmony Fold'nGo Chair, would have been an option in most of town. I love that! Inclusion is such an important topic in our country right now and that's not just ethnic or gender-based inclusion, but mobility or disability inclusion. I like to think of the devices available today as Ability- Devices, not disability, because that is what they do, they provide the Ability to get into action, stay a part of life and enjoy yourself. I am impressed by the natural beauty here in Arkansas and the kind people I've met. I am here looking at a vacation home and with the idea of Ability-related opportunities I think I will be remodeling for a roll-in shower in the guest bathroom, to really ensure there are also places for people to stay that promote their Ability. Just reach our if you are interested in visiting it. And in case you didn't know, there are actually scooter/powerchair lifts for RV's in case hitting the road in your house-on-wheels is the way for you! Either way, I hope to see more of America taking to the road this year, visiting each other, and reconnecting with nature. In the big picture, we are all brothers and sisters of the Human Race and it is time we honor our connections again and honor our greatest home of all, Earth!

Happy Travels


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