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Purchasing Medical Supplies, you deserve it. - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Purchasing Medical Supplies, you deserve it.

Medical supplies, it’s a pretty broad field, and not a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about or pre-planning their purchase of medical supplies, but I think that should change. When I think of medical supplies I think of products that help people get out and go do the things they want to do. I think of tools that help people live their best life, and enable them to put their efforts to more important things like their work, writing a book, seeing their grandkids, or doing whatever it is that brings them joy. That is why companies that specialize in senior medical equipment do what they do, it's so rewarding to see the possibilities open for someone.

. Amazon will not deliver the same results. They need to be discovered by people who need us. Discovered by people who know that shopping for rental medical equipment and supplies can be fun. People who didn’t know they have a choice when it comes to their comfort, their style, their way of expressing themselves, all through their medical equipment.

Do you trust the government to meet your needs? To consider your best interests? After the year we just had, that is a hard one to answer yes to, but what most people don’t know is that for the prior eight years the government has been slowly stripping away the services, supplies, and medical benefits that they’re promising to provide for seniors. If that’s not you already (being an older adult), it will be at some point. While they put a wolf in sheep’s clothing by calling things like competitive bid “a way to level the playing field and get fair pricing.” What they are really doing is driving the small businesses out of business. The lobbyist-less industries like DME that don’t have representation on Capitol Hill were the first to go. That is what competitive bidding was, and what it has done has made seniors who deserve to have their medical supplies covered by Medicare have to go into their own pockets to pay for things or except the mediocre products that can be supplied on the menial allowances for those products. It is not the fault of the supplier store, most are doing their best to provide some thing at 45% less than what they used to provide it at six years ago. In a world where prices are constantly going up, the government expects DME providers to except less and less while at the same time navigating more audits and recalls of payments. It’s no wonder that they have to put out Rollator‘s that are heavier than most bicycles and break within a year.

So I say forget government, forget Medicare, and do some planning for your medical supply purchases because they will be a purchase that you pay for. However, when you shop at the right place you can buy the right item that will pay for itself 100 times over in the value that it brings to your life. You can buy the product that will stand the test of time and is fixable if it ever has a problem, as opposed to having to be thrown away instead of repaired. That is the beauty of shopping local and not at a big box store or retailer like CVS. They will only advise you to throw it away and buy a new one when it breaks, which not only hurts the pocketbook, but also hurts the planet.

There is such a better way to deliver medical supplies and equipment. Even using use equipment and refurbished products that were quality and just need a little bit of shining up to make them as good as new. These are smart ways to spend less, but get what you really need. And some of the things that were never covered like lift chairs, make your life so much more comfortable that after you have them you don’t know what you would do without them. Being able to get up and go about your day, to find the right position to fall asleep in at night, to be able to get your swelling down in your ankles, are just a few of the amazing benefits of owning a luxury medical device like a lift chair. You deserve it!

So while nobody wants to hear that they have to pay for something else, I strongly believe that choosing the products that work for us and buying them one time will far outweigh the costs of excepting the mediocrity given to us by Medicare. Being able to pursue our lives in a comfortable manner that would otherwise not be possible is priceless. You deserve it, your health deserves it, it is the choices like these that will allow you to do more and go further. When shopping for medical supplies, it’s just like shopping for anything else, you want to do business with people that you like, businesses that are up to good. Look for companies that are participating in the community, giving back to nonprofits, and might just reach out to lend you a helping hand, because after all, caring is their business and you should buy medical supplies from a business that cares.

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