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Get Going with Easy Wheelchair Rental Services at    Harmony Home Medical! - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Get Going with Easy Wheelchair Rental Services at Harmony Home Medical!


Today is International Wheelchair Day, a day to honor the people whose lives have been improved by wheelchairs. So, let's talk about how renting a wheelchair can help you get going with our easy rental services at Harmony Home Medical.

Rental wheelchairs can make a big difference for people who are having trouble getting around, whether it's for a short time or a long time.  This is an adaptable answer that can help with short-term needs, healing, or managing conditions.

Are you interested in how much electric scooters cost or what their benefits are? Our tips are here to help you make the best decision. Let's honor movement and the difference it makes on International Wheelchair Day. 

Read our blog where we break down everything you need to know about renting a wheelchair. We can help you with everything from electric choices to price information. 

What considerations are necessary when renting a wheelchair? 

What considerations are necessary when renting a wheelchair?

In addition to providing mobility, a wheelchair can increase your independence and enable you to engage in daily activities. Encouraging those who struggle with mobility to move about more easily is the primary objective.

When selecting a wheelchair for rental, consider some crucial factors. Comfort, flexibility, and the weight of the wheelchair significantly impact the user's experience. Considering the frequency and location of use can aid in selecting the appropriate wheelchair. Selecting the appropriate wheelchair involves facilitating mobility and addressing the user's comfort and lifestyle requirements.

Why consider renting than buying? 

Why consider renting than buying?

People frequently choose to rent a wheelchair rather than purchase one based on their personal preferences and circumstances. Renting provides a lot of flexibility, especially if you're having problems getting around or recovering from surgery. 

It is also a low-cost choice because you do not have to commit to purchasing anything. Electric wheelchair rental is ideal for persons who require a high-end,, or specialized wheelchair but do not want to spend a lot of money on it up front or for repairs.

Travelers benefit from having a wheelchair at their location because they don't have to bring their own mobility aids. Furthermore, renting allows you to try out numerous wheelchair models before deciding to buy one permanently. 

This technique of testing ensures that users can choose a wheelchair that suits their needs and lifestyle without feeling hurried to purchase one.

Finally, one of the benefits of renting is the flexibility to adjust your transportation demands over time. Rental options allow for quick modifications as a person's condition improves or they require various types of assistance. 

Renting a wheelchair not only meets immediate mobility needs, but it is also a practical and adaptable solution, making it an excellent alternative for increasing the quality of life for persons who require assistance with movement.

Harmony Home Medical provides more than simply wheelchair rentals. You can also hire a variety of medical items for your house, such as hospital-sized beds, oxygen concentrators, scooters for easy mobility, patient lifts, and toilet safety accessories. We have a big selection to help with all kinds of health and moving-around needs.

How much is wheelchair rental?

Wheelchair rental prices vary depending on several factors:

  • Wheelchair type- Choosing the right type of wheelchair can make a big difference in how much it costs to rent one. Most of the time, manual wheelchairs are cheaper than electric wheelchairs because the person who uses them or a helper can control them. 
  • Rental Duration-Duration options include daily, weekly, and monthly. Long-term rentals are cost-effective compared to daily rates so you might want to consider pro-rating the rent to long-term. 
  • Additional accessories or services- Extras like comfortable cushion seats, leg rests that can be adjusted, and even delivery and pick-up services can make the rental experience better, but they will cost more. 

To explore the full selection of rental options and receive tailored advice on the best equipment for specific needs, reaching out to the Harmony Home Medical Rental Page is recommended. Their committed team gives each customer personalized service and walks them through the rental process to make sure they get the best and most affordable options. Offering high-quality, low-cost rental choices is a big part of Harmony Home Medical's commitment to customer care and support

How to rent a wheelchair from Harmony Home Medical? 

Looking for a wheelchair to rent? Start by checking out a showroom near you.

Harmony Home Medical has showrooms in San Diego and Vista. You can search online for Harmony Home Medical wheelchair rental or CLICK HERE for direction..

Plus, we let you trade in old equipment. If you're curious about trading in old stuff go to Used Equipment.


By giving you the freedom and flexibility to meet your mobility needs, Harmony Home Medical wheelchair rental service make the process simple. Wheelchairs come in both power and manual varieties, so you may choose the one that best meets your demands and raises your level of independence and living standards. 

Harmony Home Medical provides you with a variety of solutions, expert guidance, and the opportunity to trade in used equipment. Accept the advantages of renting a wheelchair and relish the process of becoming more mobile and comfortable.

Please visit our website or contact us at 858-560-8177 for additional details regarding wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Our retail locations are open at any time, Monday through Saturday.  We are eager to serve you well and support you in leading the greatest possible life.

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