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Features & Tips for Choosing the Right Lift Chair - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Features & Tips for Choosing the Right Lift Chair

Many older people have difficulty rising from a sitting posture. To get back on their feet, they may need to use a cane or the support of another person. However, if another person is not present and you do not want to rely on a mobility gadget to stand up, there is another option: lift chairs. Here's everything you need to know about lift chairs, including the many models available and critical characteristics to consider when choosing the best lift chair for your requirements.


What Exactly Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a mechanically propelled armchair that aids in standing up from a sitting posture. This chair will progressively tilt forward and assist you in getting into a position where you can get up on your own with the push of a button.



Lift Chair Varieties

Lift chairs are classified into three varieties based on how far they can recline, their reclining mechanism, and the location of the chair's footrest:

  1. Two-Position Lift Chairs - These chairs recline to a maximum of 45 degrees. Many individuals find this to be a pleasant position for reading or watching television.
  1. Three-Position Lift Chairs - Three-position lift chairs recline more than two-position chairs and can reach almost flat—with the option to stop at any degree between nearly flat and upright. This means you may easily recline to watch television or read a book, as well as fully recline the chair for a relaxing nap.
  1. Chairs with an Infinite Lift - Infinite lift chairs, also known as zero-gravity or full recline chairs, may recline to a totally flat position with the backrest parallel to the floor. They may be reclined to any angle between flat and upright. The footrest of some infinite lift chair models may raise a person's feet to a point above their head, known as the Trendelenburg position, or over their heart, into the zero-gravity position. These postures can be quite beneficial for people who suffer from chronic back and neck discomfort because they release strain on the spine.


Considerations for Important Lift Chair Features

Now that you have a basic idea of the many sorts of lift chairs available, let's go through their various functions. To select which lift chair is ideal for you, consider the following factors in addition to the chair's model:

  1. Backrest - Armchair backrests come in a variety of forms, including pillow back, split back, and button back. For the most part, these distinct types are mainly important for aesthetics; you'll simply want to choose a style that compliments the décor of your home. It is crucial to note, however, that the kind of backrest might have a minor influence on the strength of the backrest. Button back chairs are often stiffer than other kinds, but pillow back chairs are typically plusher. So, if you're picky about the firmness of your chair's backrest, keep these considerations in mind.
  1. Controls - The controls on your lift chair are crucial. You want to be certain that the manner of operation meets your requirements. The majority of chairs have a simple control panel on the right side of the chair. The most basic models will include an up and down button that you will press until you achieve the appropriate position in your chair.
  1. Additional Features – If you want something a little more upscale than the conventional lift chair models, search for one with extras like heat, massage, or position programming. Lift chairs with programming capabilities can remember your favorite position for watching television or napping; instead of pushing the down button until you reach the desired position, you may press a single button once and the chair will take the pre-programmed position for you.


Average Price of a Lift Chair

You now have a very comprehensive understanding of the numerous types of lift chairs available, as well as the various features and options available to you. So we've arrived at the expense question. Prices for lift chairs vary greatly depending on the style you pick, the amenities included, and even the upholstery you choose for the chair.

Two-position lift chairs are the most cost-effective alternative, with costs starting at about $600. Three-position lift chairs are slightly more costly, with prices beginning at about $650. Infinite lift chairs are the most costly choice, with the lowest affordable ones costing around $1,100. These costs will rise when you add additional features or upgrade to a higher-end upholstery material like microfiber or leather.



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