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Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wheelchairs - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wheelchairs

Harmony Home Medical sells carbon fiber wheelchairs with excellent workmanship and features geared to offer our clients quality, long-lasting service. When looking for a new carbon fibre wheelchair, it's important to understand how different materials affect comfort, cost, and longevity.

Read more to learn the advantages of carbon fiber wheelchairs. 

What is carbon fiber and how does it work?

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, very strong material made up of very thin carbon fibre strands. Due to its particular qualities, carbon fibre has traditionally been used in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Other sectors, including high-end sports equipment, bicycles, and other applications needing high strength with low weight, are increasingly using the material. 

Carbon fiber wheelchairs have been shown in strength-to-weight measurements to be up to ten times stronger than metals used in wheelchair manufacture while weighing one-fifth as much, making it excellent for propulsion performance. Because a lighter carbon fiber wheelchair requires less energy and reduces the danger of upper extremity damage, reducing weight as much as possible is a logical goal.

 carbon fiber wheelchair

Why purchase a carbon fiber wheelchair?

Carbon fiber wheelchairs are impervious to rust and oxidation. They can, however, break if subjected to severe pressure well beyond what would be expected in typical use. As a result, a carbon fibre wheelchair is more likely to last and keep its structural integrity than a metal frame. 

Carbon fiber has low thermal conductivity, which means it does not get as hot or cold as metal. A metal wheelchair can emit a substantial amount of heat or cold on an extremely hot or cold day, making the rider uncomfortable. Temperature fluctuations can also impact the integrity of a metal frame over time, causing it to expand and contract.

The raw aesthetic of a carbon fiber wheelchair might also appeal to some users, making their chair appear sportier.

Carbon fiber wheelchairs are more time-consuming and expensive to produce than metal wheelchairs. Aside from the cost, carbon fiber wheelchairs are generally thought to be a better alternative than aluminum because of their unique vibration dampening capabilities, durability, thermal properties, and depending on personal preference aesthetics. 


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