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Bed Baths

What is bed bath? 

Good personal hygiene is crucial not only for skin health, but also for sustaining self-esteem and quality of life. Nursing care includes assisting patients in maintaining their personal hygiene. Hygiene and skin care is considered as one entity, as both have a potential impact on skin health and on patients’ comfort and wellbeing.

The amount of assistance your loved one requires during showering is determined on his or her ability to move. You might be caring for someone who is having short-term difficulties with self-care as a result of an illness or surgery. You could also be caring for an elderly person with memory issues. It's possible that the individual has forgotten how to bathe. You could also be caring for someone who is unable to move for an extended period of time, such as a paralyzed person. When it comes to bathing, this person will require a lot more attention. 

A person who must stay in bed for a short period of time but may walk around may be able to shower once or twice a week with some assistance. Alternatively, the individual may prefer to take a daily half bath at the sink or in a basin. A bed bath is necessary for someone who is unable to move well or at all. This is commonly referred to as a sponge bath, but washcloths are also commonly used. It is possible to take a full bath in bed without getting the linens wet. You can provide a bed wash to older folks two or three times each week. Bathing more frequently can put a person at risk for skin issues like sores. Younger folks can bathe more frequently if they want to, and blood flow is not an issue for them. 

What we have: 

1. Prevail Adult Washcloths
Each wipe is enriched with Vitamin E and aloe to soothe and moisturize both your hands and the skin of your loved one while you cleanse. These wipes are also exceptionally resilient, so you won't have to worry about them tearing. These wipes ensure clean-up is quick, clean, and waste-free, whether you're wiping a sticky surface, changing a loved one, or simply searching for a more relaxing bathroom experience.

2. Remedy Phytoplex Hydrating Cleansing Foam, No-Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo, Paraben and Sulfate-Free Medline
Remedy Phytoplex Cleansers are designed for skin that has been injured or is at danger as a result of aging, irritants, physical stress, dryness, incontinence, nutritional imbalance, or other medical conditions. Cleansing gels, sprays, and lotions from Phytoplex enable for the most effective application and gentle cleansing.

3. Inflatable Hairwash Basin Shampoo
Inflatable Basin is designed for in-bed shampooing that is both comfortable and convenient. Provides solid, form-fitting support that cushions the head and shoulders when inflated. A built-in inflatable headrest that can be adjusted to the proper stiffness for maximum comfort is included.

4. Peri Wash, No Rinse The Peri
Wash is made to remove or clean urine and fecal matter, also helps deodorize and sanitize the skin in the genital area.

5. Moisture barrier creams
Creams that are made to prevent pressure sores which could then lead to more serious complications, and keep healthy dry skin while using incontinence products or sitting in chairs for an extended time during the day.


  • Explain the procedure 
  • Remove the patients dress, cover with bath sheet while removing top sheet and dress 
  • Mix hot and cold water in basin half full and check the temperature on the back of your hand 
  • Spread face towel around neck 
  • Wet sponge towel and form mitten around gingers after removing excess water 
  • Clean the rest of the body 

Think about what’s best for you loved one, let us know what you need and give us a call for some advice!
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