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Advantages of Using an Electric Wheelchair - Harmony Home Medical Supply

Advantages of Using an Electric Wheelchair

People with restricted mobility may benefit from using electric wheelchairs in a variety of ways, including the opportunity to travel more easily and comfortably. You may choose from a variety of electric wheelchairs, some of which have adjustable features, so you're sure to find the best electric wheelchair for you. 

Read below to discover what you need to know about electric wheelchairs and how they can improve your life.

What’s the difference between a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair?

A wheelchair with a battery that can be recharged and a motor to drive the wheels is an electric wheelchair, commonly referred to as a power wheelchair. 

You can move around simply and without exertion, as opposed to needing to physically turn the wheels or be pushed. An electric wheelchair can be a terrific addition to your life because there are power wheelchairs to fit every lifestyle, whether you prefer to be inside or outside.

What are the advantages of electric wheelchairs?

There are so many options available when buying electric wheelchairs. Even though some power wheelchairs cost more than manual wheelchairs, they can come with a lot more beneficial functions to enhance your lifestyle.

1. Electric wheelchairs are easier to use

Power wheelchairs are perfect for use indoors because many have small footprints and anti-tilt wheels that make maneuvering in small places simpler. An electric wheelchair can make life easier for people who are crippled or have limited mobility because users can easily move around simply by pressing a button or lever. 

2. Gain more freedom with an electric wheelchair

Users of electric wheelchairs are able to move about without expending any energy, allowing them to go longer and farther distances. Those with limited mobility may easily transport themselves for shopping, getting some fresh air, and just about everything since power wheelchair batteries can last for around 8 hours before needing to be recharged again.

An electric wheelchair makes it easier for people who need a wheelchair but can also walk short distances and gives them more energy to walk when they need to. An electric wheelchair can provide significantly more accessibility and flexibility outside.

3. Electric wheelchairs are comfortable

Power wheelchairs are often slightly larger than regular wheelchairs since they contain a motor and battery. It also indicates that there is more room for stability, support, and comfort, since there are larger cushions.

An individual can easily customize their chair so they receive the most support possible while traveling.

4. Electric wheelchairs are the safer choice

Because they are less prone to topple over than regular wheelchairs, power wheelchairs can be safer and sturdier. The chair is much more stable when traveling around outside when moving over bumps or trash on pavement and other surfaces. Moving around in an electric wheelchair poses less of a risk to safety because it is considerably more stable and has a lower centre of gravity.


Electric wheelchairs can make life easier for both you and your loved one. If you're thinking about buying an electric wheelchair, you should ask a few essential questions beforehand. It will guarantee that the equipment is appropriate and satisfies your requirements in every way.

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