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Adjustable beds

Sleep is something we all require, but something we might all benefit from getting more of. A good night's sleep can sometimes feel like a distant luxury in our increasingly hectic lives and the increased expectations to squeeze everything into our days. Sleep deprivation is fairly common in the United States.

Sleeping is easier said than done, with many difficulties including pain, discomfort, and restlessness frequently getting in the way of good, restful sleep. It might be difficult to find the perfect sleep solution when there are so many options available. Sleeping with your head, knees, or feet raised can assist with a variety of aches and pains but have you heard of adjustable beds and how it could change the lives of individuals with sleeping problems? Do you know how it’s like to sleep in an adjustable bed? It's no surprise if you've seen those late-night infomercials praising these types of beds. They appear to be beautiful. Indeed, having a bed that adjusts to your preferred sleeping position has proven benefits, particularly for persons with various health conditions. 

But first, what is an adjustable bed? An adjustable bed is a specially built mattress that sits on top of a motorized foundation or base. The head up position is typically used to treat reflux and snoring. For better blood flow and circulation, the foot area is raised. The Zero Gravity Position is achieved by raising both the head and foot portions. There is no pressure on the lower lumbar spinal region as a result of this.

Before you purchase an adjustable bed, there are some considerations we have to remember. First you have to consider is the pre-assembly, always inquire if your adjustable bed will arrive pre-assembled or if the supplier will construct it for you. If you're buying a bed for mobility reasons, the last thing you want to worry about is putting it together at home. Second is the ease of use, make sure to think about the control options just as much as the bed frame itself. Check for dual controls, and if you have limited movement in your hands, make sure the buttons are simple to operate. Third is the quality and the appealing aesthetic. You may be purchasing an adjustable bed to improve your comfort, but there's no reason it can't also be attractive! And last but not the least, never forget the length and cover offered by the warranty. Always make sure to inquire about the conditions of any guarantee supplied on an adjustable bed you're thinking about buying since the length of the warranty offered can vary significantly from supplier to supplier. 

Pro and Cons of Adjustable beds:


1. Pain relief
 Adjustable beds consistently provide pain alleviation for people with complaints like back problems.

2. Help with snoring
Sleeping in a slightly raised position can help limit or even eliminate your snoring all together.

3. Reduce Swelling
Raising your feet above your heart to level out the amount of swelling in your lower extremities is often the best and most preferred course of action.

4. Reduce acid reflux
For people who suffer from Acid Reflux, sleeping flat can be a major challenge. Using adjustable beds is much more comfortable and effective than stacking pillows or sleeping in a lounge chair.

5. Zero Gravity Position
As mentioned earlier, the ideal resting position is said to be laying at a small incline with your knees gently bent and lifted or what we call the semi-fowler’s position. This is one of the most popular sleeping positions that can be accomplished with an adjustable base.


1. Might have to change/purchase a new mattress
Unfortunately, not all mattresses are compatible to be used with an adjustable base.

2. Potential Breakdowns
There is always the chance of a breakdown or the need for maintenance with any machine.

3. Machine is heavy
If you are planning to set up the adjustable bed yourself, you should be aware that the different parts of the machine are big and heavy.

4. Weight limitations
Every adjustable base has its own weight limitations.

5. Expensive
This is a disadvantage of luxurious comfort: it comes at a hefty price.

Few of the brands we carry are Flexabed, Transfer Masters and Assured Comfort.


Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds are the solution whether you're looking for relief from symptoms caused by an illness or injury, or simply want the most comfort when you sleep. Flex-A-Bed allows you to remain productive while in bed during the day and sleep soundly in bed at night if you are bedridden, whether temporarily or permanently. These beds established the standard for adjustable beds by allowing total customization of head and foot settings for optimal comfort and relaxation.

Flex-A-Bed Features

  •  Luxury innerspring mattress – soft, medium, and firm available.
  • Mattress upgrades. All sizes of mattress can be upgraded to latex, visco-elastic memory foam, or a combo of visco and innersprings.
  • Massage upgrade available.
  • Wired and wireless hand controls available.
  • Height from floor to top of mattress is 19’ inches.
  • Mattress materials treated with Bioguard™ which prevents bacterial growth.
  • Head and foot motors are independent.
  • 2ft -7ft leg extensions available.
  • Heavy-duty padded base made from Advantech® material which won’t warp over time, break, or squeak.
  • Whisper-quiet Linak© motor technology.
  • Available in standard (80’’) length, as well as 74’’ and 84’’ length option

What Makes The Flex-A-Bed Different?

The Dual-Queen and Dual-King mattresses from Flex-A-Bed offer independent control, allowing a pair to meet their respective demands each night. Every available amenity can be added as an upgrade to the Premier model. As a result, your bed will be entirely configurable, with hundreds of variations to suit your specific requirements. Latex, visco-elastic memory foam, or a combination of visco and innersprings can be added to any mattress size.

Transfer Masters

Our high-end Supernal Sleep System combines the functions of traditional hospital beds with a stylish design that complements any bedroom. The Supernal 5 achieves the perfect balance of form and function. Our Supernal beds come in three sizes: twin, full, and queen.

  • The Supernal line is meant to blend in with any bedroom's decor while providing versatility and storage. 
  • The Night Rider is a three-in-one bed that is both light and comfortable. 
  • The New Valiant is a five-function enhancement for the Night Rider. 
  • The Night Rider and The Valiant are available in Heavy Duty (HD) and Super Heavy Duty (SHD) models, with 600 and 750 pound weight capacities. 
  • The Companion is our most basic bed, with a fixed height, head, and foot that can be combined with our other home hospital beds to create a Dual King.

Key Features

  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable
  • Super low height for easy self transfer
  • Excellent height range for flexibility of use
  • Standard weight capacity
  • Hugs the wall so you can reach your nightstand
  • Cradles your pillow w/ a European style head tilt
  • Backlit wireless hand control for visibility
  • Variable massage settings
  • Emergency power down

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