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7 Benefits of Installing a Stairlift - Harmony Home Medical Supply

7 Benefits of Installing a Stairlift

If you have mobility problems or a disability, you are aware of how difficult climbing stairs may be. Many people lose their mobility as they get older and can no longer walk the stairs in their homes. The ability to stay in your own house and have access to all rooms is made possible by investing in a stair lift.

Installing a stair chair lift will restore your full access to the upper floor of your home if you have been living with barriers in your home. Even for people who are disabled, wheelchair stair lifts can be provided. The top 7 advantages of owning a stairlift are covered in this article.

A stairlift provides access to the rest of your home

Seniors and those with disabilities will have more freedom if a stairlift is installed. You might only be occupying the bottom part of your house if getting up and downstairs has become difficult for you. Or perhaps you only use the stairs once a day to go to bed and stay there until the morning.

You will have more freedom if you invest in a stairlift since you will be able to move your bedroom back upstairs and visit the upstairs or downstairs areas of your home whenever you need to. Without the stairs being a barrier, you may enjoy using your full home as you once could.

Instead of moving to a facility, install a stairlift

When the stairs in their home become too difficult for them to climb, many people choose to relocate to an assisted living facility. The ability to stay in your own house and continue to live in all the rooms, rather than having to live on one floor, is one of the strongest reasons to have a stairlift installed.

 You may have raised your family there, making your home a location rich in memories. Additionally, everything will be decorated just how you want it to be, and you'll be surrounded by all of your stuff. Moving would be very stressful and difficult, therefore for many individuals, purchasing a stai lift would be a preferable choice versus moving somewhere new.

Stairlifts are accessible and easy to use

Stairlifts are small and fold up, so they won't prevent other people from using the stairs. When not in use, the majority of stairlifts may be folded up against the wall so that people can easily pass by.

The controls for modern stairlifts are located on the armrest, making them very easy to use. Some stairlifts also come with a remote control handset that you may use to operate the stairlift from the top or bottom of the steps and return it to its proper position. If more than one person in the house has to use the stair lift, this is a great function.

When a chair lift is in the parked position, the majority of them will automatically start charging. This guarantees that it will be prepared for usage and that you won't ever discover that your chair lift is no longer charged. Additionally, stair lifts have a built-in battery that can be utilized as a backup power source if your home loses power.

Stairlifts are safe and comfortable

For elderly adults, staircases can be a health risk because they frequently cause trips and falls. Installing a stair lift will lessen this risk of harm if climbing up or down stairs has become difficult. Your family will also have piece of mind. 

With a stairlift, you can move mechanically up and down your stairs. You can secure yourself to the chair before it starts to move thanks to the safety buckle on the chair. Additionally, stairlifts include built-in safety mechanisms that will halt the chair's motion if it bumps against something on the stairs. Until the seat, footrest, and armrests are in the appropriate locations, safety safeguards will also stop the stairlift from moving. Many chairlifts can also be locked to stop unauthorized users, particularly kids, from utilizing the lift.

The seats of stair lifts are upholstered, and they frequently have padded, adjustable armrests and footrests as well. You may ascend your steps in flair and comfort by doing this. Your height can be accommodated by adjusting the footrest.

Stairlifts are custom fitted for your home

An installation company will visit and measure your steps if you decide to have a stairlift installed so that it may be designed specifically for your house. Before choosing the best chair lift for you, the installer will also take into account the length and angle of your staircase.

The stair lift will be fitted to a custom rail that will be ordered specifically for your stairs if your staircase has platforms or bends. To make using your chair lift safer, you might need to have a "park" fitted if your stairs bend. The installation of a stair lift takes only a short amount of time and requires minimal interior home modification.

You can install a stairlift inside and outside

To move from the first to second floors of their homes, the majority of people have stairlifts built. Stairlifts can also be built on outdoor stairs, something you might not be aware of. This is excellent if your home has steps coming up from the street or from your yard. 

Buying a chair lift will be less expensive than selling your house and moving if you've been considering doing so. Stairlift expenses may be less expensive than you think and provide autonomy to live independently. 

In general, an interior stairlift costs a little less than an outside one. This is due to the fact that outdoor stair lifts require additional characteristics in order to make them durable and weather-resistant. They will be constructed of rust- and waterproof-resistant materials.

Stairlift for wheelchairs

You can choose to have a special chair lift installed in your home that can accommodate a wheelchair if you use a wheelchair. You roll your wheelchair onto a platform to use a wheelchair stair lift. After that, you'll be able to ascend the steps without incident.


Stairlifts can make life easier for both you and your loved one. If you're thinking about buying a stairlift, you should ask a few essential questions beforehand. It will guarantee that the equipment is appropriate and satisfies your requirements in every way.


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