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5 Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed at Home

The cycle of life is inevitable and when people reach late adulthood and senior years, more care and convenience should be provided in order to improve their health, lifestyle, and living conditions. Hence, families and their homes should be equipped with fixtures, equipment, furniture, and other appliances that could promote a comfortable and desirable life for adults and seniors, especially those that need extra care and attention.

One of the most important and functional equipment that can be very valuable at home is the hospital bed. Also known as hospital cot, the hospital bed is a bed that is specifically designed for patients or others like adults, seniors, and other family members who need health care and attention. 

At home, the hospital bed is not only meant for the elders. This bed can also be utilized by other members of the family who have become ill or those who may need special attention, care, and comfort.
The hospital bed is equipped with special functions and features that uphold the well-being and comfort of the patient/occupant and the convenience and ease of the care giver. Some of these features and functions include adjustable height mechanism for the head part, feet part, and the entire bed, electronic buttons for operating the bed and nearby devices, and adjustable rails on both sides.

Having a hospital bed at home is therefore essential so families can have a better way to provide care, attention, and comfort for family members who may need it. To know more about hospital beds, listed below are the five benefits of having a hospital bed at home.

5 Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed at Home

1) It makes the care giver's life easier

  • Adjustable to suit care giver's work

The hospital bed is multi-functional and adjustable in order to perfectly suit and complement the work of the care giver. Unlike hospital beds, regular beds are fixed and static and does not have the flexibility and features that a hospital bed can provide. A care giver will definitely have a more challenging time in caring for someone who is lying in a regular bed as compared to someone who is lying in a hospital bed.

  • Improved circulation to help with recovery and treatment

The care giver's goal is to assist the patient or the person in need in terms of proper treatment and speedy recovery. A hospital bed is like the care giver's best friend because this bed promotes enhanced circulation that could greatly help with the recovery and treatment of the patient/occupant.

2) It maintains safety

  • Side railings to prevent accidental falls

Unlike regular beds, hospital beds are equipped with side railings that are adjustable and protective. These side railings prevent the patient/occupant from accidentally falling off the bed, which could lead to more stress, injuries, and complications. With a hospital bed, the patient/occupant will be assured of his/her utmost safety, especially from accidental falls.

  • Easier and safer to get in and out by the occupant

The hospital bed's height, head part, feet part, side railings, and the entire bed itself are all adjustable. Therefore, the patient/occupant will not have a difficult time in getting in and out of the bed. This further increases the ease and safety of the patient/occupant and prevents any inconvenience on the part of the patient/occupant as well as that of the care giver. 

3) It allows patients to stay at home for longer

  • Ease of movement within the household

Some hospital beds have rollers on their legs and most hospital beds can be easily assembled and disassembled. Therefore, it allows the patient/occupant to get the comfort and care that he/she needs for longer periods at home. Hospital beds can be easily moved and transferred within the household and hence, provide mobility and ease of use for the care giver and the entire family.

  • Allows easier additions of additional heal equipment such as IVs, etc.

Unlike regular beds, hospital beds are equipped with special features and functions that allow the convenient addition of various heal equipment. Such additions are simply inconvenient and unsuitable if the patient/occupant is utilizing a regular bed at home. If the family and the care giver want to do the best possible way to expedite the recovery and treatment of the patient/occupant at home, then using a hospital bed will be an excellent option. 

4) It is more comfortable

  • Adjustable head and neck areas

Regular beds are static and fixed and therefore do not have the flexibility and multi-function properties that can help provide comfort to the patient/occupant. On the other hand, hospital beds are dynamic and have adjustable head, neck, and feet parts to better aid the patient/occupant in terms of movement and form.

  • Patient can take meals without moving

Since hospital beds are highly adaptable with adjustable mechanisms, these allow the patient/occupant to eat meals and take medications even without moving his/her body. Some conditions or complications immobilize or prevent the patient to move and most treatment and recovery procedures advise the patient to reduce movement. Hence, with the hospital bed, the patient/occupant will be able to move and adjust his/her form when eating or taking medications without actually moving his/her own body.

5) It is easier to clean and more hygienic

  • Washable vinyl covers

Hospital beds have vinyl covers that are durable, convenient, and washable. Therefore, if the patient/occupant happens to cause stains or any other forms of splatters or spots on the hospital bed cover, the care giver or the family can easily remove the stains by washing and cleaning the vinyl cover. The cleanliness and hygiene of the patient/occupant is a top priority and therefore must be given attention at all times.

  • Waterproof mattresses

Accidental splatters or spills can happen on the hospital bed. This is the reason why hospital beds are equipped with waterproof mattresses. This special type of mattress will not absorb any liquid spilled on it and will be able to maintain its integrity and sanitation for a long time. Families an care givers will not have to worry with regards to cleaning any liquid spills on the mattress since it is waterproof.

Some Recommended Hospital Beds

The full electric hospital bed of Harmony Home Medical Supply is one of the best and most recommended hospital beds for home use. It can be equipped with a standard or upgraded mattress, but with different costs. Their hospital bed can be rented for a week, two weeks, or four weeks, depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

Other recommended hospital beds are the Graham-Field Lumex Patriot Hospital Bed, Drive Medical Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed, and Span America Encore Bed. These beds provide value, comfort, and special features and functions as well.

Bed Accessories

There are a lot of hospital bed accessories available in the market today. Most of these accessories augment the features of the hospital bed and improve its overall functionality.

The Quik Sorb Quilted Birdseye Hospital Bed Size Underpad available at Harmony Home Medical Supply is the ultimate provider of cottony comfort for the patient/occupant while being reusable. It is waterproof and washable up to 300 times and is free of latex. It features straps that will keep all corners of the underpad in perfect place.

The Care 100 Bed Frame, which is also available at Harmony Home Medical Supply, has fully electric operations that provide superb quality and convenience for many years. Meanwhile, their 30" Safety Bed Rail features dual safety straps and a reversible and collapsible hand rail or bed rail that can further promote the safety and comfort of the patient/occupant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the different between an adjustable bed and a hospital bed?

Both an adjustable bed and a hospital bed have the mechanism to adjust their head and foot parts or sections. However, most adjustable beds do not have any mechanism to adjust their height. On the other hand, hospital beds have the mechanism to be lowered to the floor or raised to the ceiling, which allows more functionality and convenience.

2) Should I buy a hospital bed and mattress individually or as a set?

A complete set of hospital bed with a mattress and side rails is commonly the best option since this set is made to complement all elements of the bed excellently. However, these can be bought individually with the guidance of experts, depending on the preference of the client. If the client opts to buy these individually, then he/she has to consult with the experts in order to identify which ones will provide the best value, comfort, safety, and convenience.

3) Does the height of the hospital bed really matter?

Hospital beds are equipped with the mechanism to adjust their height. Therefore, this bed can be lowered to the floor or raised to the ceiling to adjust its height. This useful mechanism of the hospital bed highly matters not only to the care giver but also to the patient/occupant because it promotes the convenience, ease of use, and safety of the patient/occupant.

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