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10 Reasons to Own a Hospital Bed - Harmony Home Medical Supply

10 Reasons to Own a Hospital Bed

Are you or a loved one looking to improve their quality of life by purchasing a hospital bed? 

Hospital beds are an excellent addition to any house since they can assist people with mobility challenges to reclaim some of their lost freedom.  

Read below to learn the benefits of owning a hospital bed 



The Advantages of Purchasing a Hospital Bed

There are numerous advantages to owning a hospital bed. A hospital bed will not only provide the user with additional comfort that a standard bed cannot, but it will also boost the user's independence and keep them safe by making getting in and out of bed easier. This means fewer falls and the difficulties that come with them! Hospital beds are also equipped with wheels, allowing them to be moved around the house. They also include locks to keep them motionless when necessary! Hospital beds also include therapeutic mattresses, which means your loved one will be more comfortable!


The Difference Between Your Mattress and a Hospital Mattress

Many people choose to keep their own bed at home rather than convert to a hospital bed since they are unfamiliar with the differences. The following are some of the distinctions between a standard bed and a hospital bed:


Hospital Bed Compatibility

Unlike ordinary beds, hospital beds are built to work with other medical instruments. Transferring to a wheelchair, rollator, bed table, or another device is made easier and more convenient with these beds. This is due to the fact that you can quickly modify the posture of a hospital bed!


Hospital Beds are Simple to Use

Did you know that you can modify the bed in a hospital bed at the touch of a button? This implies that the user can adjust the bed independently, allowing them to reclaim some of their lost freedom.


Hospital Beds offer some Independence

When you upgrade to a hospital bed, the user will be able to utilize it independently. This will restore their lost freedom while also relieving caregivers and caretakers of stress!


Hospital Beds Reduce the Chance of Additional Complications

Hospital beds come with special hospital-grade mattresses that assist prevent pressure ulcers and pressure sores. Specialized ROHO mattresses are also available for persons with more complex conditions that may require a higher level of support.


Hospital Bed Positioning Options

The backrest of hospital beds can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle. This will assist the person in sitting up. The lower limbs can also be adjusted, which can help with comfort and circulation!


Height Adjustable Hospital Bed

Hospital beds give an increased level of safety and convenience by allowing the user to adjust the bed height. The transfer will be considerably easier than in a regular bed, whether the user is trying to get in or out.


Hospital Beds offer Additional Protection

Hospital beds have an additional safety feature in addition to all of the previously mentioned gains in independence and safety. These beds are available with either a half rail or a full rail. This means you and your loved one can sleep soundly knowing there's no danger of slipping out of bed in the middle of the night.



Wondering where to buy or rent a hospital bed in San Diego & Vista? Harmony Home Medical Supplies is your go-to home medical equipment distributor.

We offer hospital beds with excellent workmanship and features geared to offer our clients quality, long-lasting service.

Turn to us for affordable, durable, reliable hospital beds, accompanied by a friendly environment and unsurpassed customer services.



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