Power Wheelchairs San Diego

The best way to see if you like a power wheelchair is to come in and try it out for yourself at our showroom in San Diego. We know it is a big deal to get the right motorized wheelchair, so let our sales staff help you go through all the options and features and help you pick the best power wheelchair.

You can ride our electric wheelchairs around the showroom see how it handles and feels, our repair team can even customize the speed controls for you on most models so you can choose how fast or slow you want the chair to react.

We are also able to modify your electric power chair with various items like a custom seat cushion, colors, bigger foot plates and more. We can even provide elevating leg rests or elevating seat technology.

Come in and See our Showroom

We have many options so come on down and see us in San Diego. Located here.

Choosing the Correct Power Wheelchair

Our staff know their power wheelchairs and will help you get fit into the perfect chair.

We have various options from our selection Brands:

  • Drive Medical
  • Invacare
  • Golden Technologies

Our staff will take all your measurements, and give you a few options that will best suit you and your lifestyle. Come see us today 

Powerchair Speed Controls

Our trained technicians can adjust your powerchair to work how you want it to work and what’s best for you. If you are indoors mostly you may want your controls slower and less jerky, but if you are outside a lot you may want them to speed up to cover some ground faster.

We can help you adjust all the settings on any new or used chair. Come in today

Power Wheelchair Custom Seating

Our trained seating and positioning specialist can customize your seating arrangement for ultimate comfort and support. The comfort of the chair is one of the most important parts of the power wheelchair since the user will be in it for extended periods of time you just do not want the run of the mill cushion. You want the cushion to make your experience more comfortable and less cumbersome.


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