Mobility Walkers, Rollators and Knee Rollers

Harmony Home Medical has a great selection of Mobility Walkers, Rollators and Knee Rollers. We have samples available for testing in our showroom in San Diego. All are available for sale or for rent.

Types of Walking Aids available at Harmony Home Medical:

  • Standard Walker
  • Rollator
  • Knee Roller

Get the extra support you need and stay mobile

Whether you are an elderly or a patient recovering from an injury, a walker is the most practical tool you need to get around. As the old adage says, “The rolling stone gathers no moss”. So keep yourself active and mobile with support from a walking aid.

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Types of Walking Aids

Standard Walker

Standard walkers have 2 wheels in front, and 2 pegs with rubber caps on the back. Because having only 2 wheels keeps your speed controlled. As you place the back pegs down it gives you support that does not move. It is the most stable version of walking aids and you can still walk at a decent pace using a Standard Walker.


Rollators have four wheels and a set of breaks. Having four wheels makes it walking fast a breeze, and having the handles for extra support can keep you safe while out doing longer walks or shopping for hours. The four wheels have no speed restrictor on them but the hand breaks can be set to lock the wheels while stopped.

Knee Roller

Knee rollers are great if you have an ankle or lower leg injury on one side or one leg is not as functionally as the other. So, you prop your injured leg on the knee rest and the other one pushes like you are on a skateboard. This lets you travel just as fast as your friends. Also they are small enough to use inside grocery stores or offices.

Keep on Movin!

Walkers, Rollators and Knee rollers keep you walking and using your body. They are great to give that little extra support while you are out on the town and watch out with the knee roller you can be faster than your friends.

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life

Many people are faced with impairments that keep immobile or reduce their mobility. But we have to do what we can do to keep moving and Harmony Home Medical helps you get the medical products that keep you moving, which keeps you healthier and happier.

All models are lightweight

All models are light and easy to transport, you can fold them up and store them in your car with little effort. When you get to your destination unfold them in a snap and away you go for a more comfortable experience.

After Purchase Care Walking Aids

Once you purchase a walker, rollator or kneeroller from Harmony Home Medical, the service does not stop there.

We provide Free light in store service on all walking aids

Many of these walking aids last a very long time. Many pieces are replaceable so if a wheel wears down or a cushion come in because these parts can be purchased separately.

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony does. We’re here to help and here to stay!

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Not Ready to Buy, Try our Rental Program

We have a fantastic rental program. Choose between renting for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month.

Harmony Home Medical has:

  • Walkers for rent
  • Rollators for rent
  • Kneerollers for rent

Contact us about delivery options, or you can go to our rental page and select your product. Or Go back to the medical equipment home page

Lots of Add-Ons

All of our walking aids have add-ons available. Add a basket, cup holders or a seat. You can choose your color of walking aid to many models have color and upgradable options, come in to see for yourself 

Rollators let you take a seat

Rollators have a seat and the crossbar has a pad on it so you can press the hand brakes into the lock position and sit down on it. This is a great feature to have a comfortable seat travel with you wherever you are!


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