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Here in Harmony Home Medical, we have a large selection of power lift chairs. Come down to our showroom in San Diego to try all of our affordable motored lift chairs or you can browse and order from our online store. We can ship anywhere within the USA.


Types of Lift Chairs:

  • Single Motor
  • Double Motor
  • Double Motor with Double Head Pillow

Brands we carry:

Try Out Our Various Lift Chair Models and Colors in Our Showroom in San Diego!

If the color or material you want is not in stock, we are able to rush order it for you and have it delivered to your home in the shortest time possible.

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Call Us at (858) 560-8177 or come in at 7640 Clairemont Mesa Blvd | San DiegoCA 92111

Types of Power Lift Chairs

Single Motor

Single motor lift chairs will go from horizontal, past neutral and into a 45 degree incline to help you transition from standing to sitting, which is one of the main facilities of a lift chair. With the single motor, the leg rest and backrest move in one motion so if you are going into recline mode the leg rest will come up at the same time the backrest goes back.

Double Motor

Dual Motor lift chairs have the same function as a single motor lift chair. It will go to the inclined 45 degree position to help you go from standing down to siting, but then when you want to recline the back of the chair is able to go back independently of the footrest. So you can put it in the position that feels best to you.

Double Motor With Powered Head Pillow

This lift chair has a double motor giving you fantastic movement, and it also has a motor in the pillow area giving it more options and positioning comfort.

Unbelievable Comfort

Our luxurious lift chairs come with many different options of cushioning and materials. You will fall in love with them after using one, and you might just fall asleep too. We carry different firmness and plushness types for your liking. Reading, watching TV or take nap will never be uncomfortable again after purchasing a lift chair.

Sit down without the discomfort

We all know the feeling of when you sit down, have that half second of weightlessness and then a big “thud” on the sofa. After a while, that can start to hurt. That’s why the lift chairs were made. Lift chairs have a remote control that allows you to bring the chair to an inclined position of about 45 degrees and then slowly goes down so there is no discomfort.

Once in the sitting position go smoothly into multiple recline positions, it will easily become your most favorite seat in the house.

Service Life

These lift chairs are built to last, the electric motors can handle years and years of use. Each chair comes with its own warranty varying a little between manufacturers, but all of our stock is sure to be quality because we only want to carry the best brands.

After Purchase Care

Once you purchase a lift chair from Harmony Home Medical the experience does not stop there.

If you call we will be there!

Lift chairs rarely ever have any issues but if you do, please don’t fret – we are just a call away and will help you to validate your warranty with the company if it falls within their terms. But these chairs are very solid.

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony does. We’re here to help and here to stay!

Not Ready to Buy, Try our Rental Program

We have a fantastic rental program. Choose between renting for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month:

Harmony Home Medical has:

  • Standard Wheelchairs for rent
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs for rent
  • Transportation Wheelchairs for rent

Contact us about delivery options, Or you can go to our rental page and select your product.

Tons of features

Some of our power recliners have amazing features like fire retardant coverings, large pockets, and integrated batteries in case of power outages. All lift chairs are made from high-quality furniture grade wood and very quiet electric motors. One model even has a massage function!


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