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Here at Harmony Home Medical, we have a huge selection of Bathroom Safety supplies along with fantastic service and prices. We are located in San Diego but you can browse our online store and we can ship anywhere in the USA.

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Harmony Home Medical these Bathroom suplies and much more

  • Grab Bars
  • Showerchairs
  • Transfer Benches
  • Toliet seat riser
  • Commodes and much more…..

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Bathroom Supplies

We have many products available in our showroom

Main ADA Bathroom Supplies

Grab Bars

Grab bars come in many different sizes, and can be installed anywhere you need a little extra support. They are great in the shower or next to the toilet. They are solid construction mostly aluminum. Harmony Home Medical will come and install the grab bar for you. They also come in different styles to match your home decor

Shower chairs

Lightweight shower chairs are great for taking your time in the shower. Take a seat and shower at your own pace and not be afraid of slipping and falling. They are made of sturdy plastic and aluminum will never rust and they are easily moved and also easily clean. Shower chairs are perfect for keeping your shower experience safe.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are like a shower chair but are made for transferring from outside the bathtub edge and sliding into the middle of a bathtub to shower. They are made of hard sturdy plastic and aluminum. They are stable and make it less of a challenge getting into and out of the shower

Bathroom Safety

The Bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house for slips and falls. It is a slippery, wet, and damp environment where you have to take extra precautions as you age, or if you are mobility impaired from a disability. Harmony Home representative can help you go over some of the products we offer and how they can improve your comfort and safety in the bathroom

3 easy steps to making your bathroom safer

You can make your bathroom lot safer with just 3 products. Put grab bars in key locations, put some non-slip floor coverings down, and use a shower chair or transfer bench to shower sitting down.

Harmony Home Medical can install all bathroom safety products for you. Making sure you have a professional installing important safety items like grab bars, as they need to be securely fastened to the wall.

Full Shower Bays

Shower bays are for good options if you do not want to remodel your bathroom to be easy for wheelchair access. Shower bays can go in any room in the house they are self-contained units. They are very easy to use you can roll into the shower and stay in your chair the entire time. when finished roll out and dry off in the

How do you install a shower bay?

To install a shower bay is quite easy a hose is attached from a nearby water source like the bathroom and that goes to your shower nozzle. The used water is collected in the bottom of the shower bay. it comes equipped with a pump and pumps the water out to dispose like in the shower or can be piped into the bottom of your sink drain.

Harmony Home Medicals installation team can easily install for you.

It’s important to buy your medical equipment from a company that stands by their products, and that is what Harmony does. We’re here to help and here to stay!

Try our Rental Shower Bay

We have a fantastic Shower bay rental program. Choose between renting for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month:

Renting a shower bay is a great option if you only need to use it temporarily or have not decided you want to buy a shower bay

  • Standard Wheelchairs for rent
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs for rent
  • Transportation Wheelchairs for rent

Contact us about delivery options, Or you can go to our rental page and select your product

Commodes and Pans

Toliet Seat Risers


Releated Products

Mobility Scooters

Power Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Ramps

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