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by Liko
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SKU P351010

Available in five different sizes
Comfortable, secure basic sling
Easy to apply and remove
Patient's arms can go in or outside of sling

Key Specs

Weight capacity: 440 lbs.
Weight: 3 lbs.


Liko’s OriginalSling is a basic, comfortable sling designed for a wide variety of patients. It comes in an impressive five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, unmatched comfort and – most importantly – safer transfers. The pediatric sizes, XS and S, are also available in teddy bear patterned warp-knitted polyester.

The OriginalSling is also offered in three different fabrics to meet the needs of various patients. The polyester models are generally the most durable and comfortable, while the polyester net sizes provide breathability for those who wish to leave the sling in their chair after a transfer. Finally, the plastic net OriginalSling is optimal for those who plan to use the sling for bathing, showering, and swimming because it allows water to flow through and can be easily wiped dry.

Reinforced leg supports are an additional option for the OriginalSling, and they are highly recommended. They work to redistribute pressure and eliminate creasing, providing a much more comfortable lift. In fact, polyester with reinforced leg supports is the most popular OriginalSling option.

Note: The polyester and plastic net extra large slings have a 660 pound weight capacity, while the extra large net polyester sling has a 440 pound weight capacity similar to the other sizes.