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Your home should be a peaceful environment to be in but challenges arise when you become less mobile here are some products an options to consider to make your home more functional.

Walkers and Rollators

A standard walker has pegs and a rollator has four. Both will help you move sort distances more easily with a lot more stability. A rollator with four wheels allows you to move faster and goes further but it less supportive as the four wheels make it glide along while the standard walker you operate more like a cane and it only moves when you lift it and place it in the next position while walking.

Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Most everyone is familiar with a wheelchair, but there are many types of wheelchairs. Such as transport chairs that have 4 small wheels so you need a caregiver to operate but they avery good for indoors because they turn on a dime, Or a lightweight wheelchair that is considerable less bulky than a standard one  are easier to pack in your car or take upstairs.

Stair lifts

Tackling the stairs is very often a difficult activity for the elderly or mobility impaired and if you wish to not move homes a stair lift may be a very good option. Stairlifts can be installed on any shape of stair inside and outside. Stairlifts can drastically improve the safety of your home if you are having mobility issues stairs are very dangerous or if someone is helping you already up the stairs this will decrease the risk of injuring them as well.

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