Get Around Town

Getting outside and getting some fresh air is a must and at Harmony Home Medical we have the products to help you do see more comfortably and safely. Here are some products that help you get back into life

Mobile Scooters

Mobility Scooters let you really get out and see the sights, They are lightweight can be taken apart or put on a vehicle and transported to where you would like to explore or go shopping. They are very easy to drive with a simple thumb acceleration and reverse. If you feel tired when walking around town and want to go out all day as you use to mobility scooters may be a great solution for you,

Vehicle Lifts

Wheelchair vehicle lifts come in many styles and price points. They can be modified for many vehicles, so you can easily take your Scooter into town and cruise around the sidewalks and shopping centers. The best way to figure out which style will work for you is to get in touch with our office and we can go over options for you and your make of car.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are also another option, these are for people with more serious mobility problems where you need nice comfortable seating options because you will be in it a lot of the time. Power wheelchairs are also more slim but heavier too they have great turning radiuses and can be used inside and outside.

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